at long last!

In 19 days I will turn 30.  Whaaat?!  It’s hard to believe.  I thank God that I have lived to see 30.

My absence on blogging was mainly due to my job – working long hours, then cut backs, and my commute… it made certain things hard to commit to, but it all worked out as it was supposed to.

There’s a place nearby that I’ve been checking out for employment for several years and one afternoon I looked at their site to see the perfect job for me was open.  More or less the same exact thing I was doing, but it also allowed me to learn and grow in areas that I knew of and didn’t do day to day.  It took 7 business days for two interviews (phone and on site visit) and the job offer to take place! 

I accepted a new job, planned my first vacation to Disney World to celebrate my 30th birthday two months early, had time to shake off the old job and get excited for the new job, and then started my new job.

2015 had started with excitement and sadness.  I was beyond thrilled for a new calendar year and what it will bring, what God has in store and all the exciting things He has for me.

On November 28th, 2014 my mom had received a call from my dad stating that my younger brother, Joe, had passed.  It was something that wasn’t expected.

The last 5 months of my life have been a whirlwind.  In some ways it still is, but not as much. 

The passing of my brother was quite the learning experience.  With friends checking in and stopping by, it was brought up that I wasn’t blogging and that after this experience I will blog more.  I’m not blogging now because my brother died, but for several reasons: I have the time to dedicate to this process, I have less deadlines and stress, time for adventures, laughter, and memories, and I have a story to tell… testimonies to share.  There’s someone who needs to read about my brother, who needs to read about my mourning, who needs to read about how all this had happened, but I was still thanking God. 

I have parts of my life that needs sharing. 

so, let the sharing begin!

what’s new?

So what have I been up to? Well, other than catching up on my DVR and making Christmas gifts, I have been exploring some of the cutest towns in Maryland. When I lived in Philadelphia I could just turn my head east and over the river I saw New Jersey. Now all I have to do is drive west 20 minutes and I’m on the Eastern Shore. I’ll be completely honest, I’ve judged these towns based on how much they resemble Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls! These are tiny towns that have the cutest ‘in town’ streets, shops and restaurants. In addition, you can clearly spot the locals and that they’ve known by the shop owners or are regulars at the establishment. It also gives off a nice homey feel.

SOUNDS: I’ve been loving the new Gungor album. I’m pretty excited to see them in November. I’ve also had the latest Civil Wars and Audrey Assad albums on repeat. There’s also The Highway station I listen to in my car… I find it hilarious that my little Veloster will blare country music next to ginormous pick up trucks on the road.

WATCHING: I’m still trying to finish Season 3 of The Walking Dead… I know I know! I can’t wait till Scandal starts up again and I’m still slightly devastated that Dexter didn’t end up with Hannah. I do like how it ended, as it reflected his personality and personal beliefs, but I REALLY wanted him to just be happy and with Hannah in Argentina.

READING: I haven’t really been reading much lately. I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts if I’m not yammering with my train mates (while crocheting at the same time). I haven’t even successfully read the last issue of VegNews! :(

EATING: I’m trying to get in as much crabs as possible! This season wasn’t really a great season, but I’ve been indulging in seafood and trying to savor what I can before Autumn flavors truly set in. I have had two pumpkin spice lattes and I like to rub it in to my UK buds, as their PSL season hasn’t started yet!

What have you been reading? Listening to? Watching? Eating? Suggestions?!?!

This year has proven to be challenging, but in a good way. It’s made me bend in a lot of ways, but I didn’t break. It’s made me shrug my shoulders and say to myself, “This is life: I can choose to react this way or that way. I can choose to make the best of this or be bitter/angry/complain/etc and be miserable (which will get me nowhere and not make anything better).” I was removed from my Comfort Zone more times than I can count, but I needed to be pushed out of it.

Being removed from your Comfort Zone is life and part of experiencing life. It helps you grow and recognize qualities that you weren’t aware you had. I’m working to remove some of these qualities and working to improve others. Heck, this is just what being an adult is all about!

My faith has played an enormous role in me being able to get through these events. My faith has grown and strengthened. I’ve retreated from some people and grown closer to others. I’ve also become increasingly aware of my emotions – how I can be overly emotional or not want to face emotions.

I’ve neglected this space of mine, but I want to continue to build it and communicate with other fellow bloggers. I’ve missed it!

I’ve recently had a great session with a friend of mine and discussed blogging, writing, hobbies… etc.  I say ‘session’ because it was hours and hours of sitting and talking and covering many subjects of life.

It was a lot to take in…

But the Guinness helped. haha!


I don’t have a specific direction for this blog.  I’ve been browsing a lot of blogs and looking at how there are those who have a specific platform and then some that have their platform that occasionally get personal.

Here is where you’ll read about on this space of the internet:

my faith

what I eat



photo posts (my bud, Sarah, is so good with this)

life events (as I am a single 27 year old lady)

That’s all I’ve got.

Happy Saturday Friends :)


Happy (belated) New Year! Let’s talk resolutions? goals? plans?

I’m not fond of resolutions or had really committed to making a resolution.  I like the idea of goals and planning, I’m someone who likes to make plans, but this stuff has always been something I’ve failed at.  I rather think of it as ‘making a commitment and following through.’

So with it being the new year and all, I’ve opted to read a lot of what people had to say about making resolutions and what you should do instead of making resolutions.  I took the time to do this because there are some changes/improvements that I need to make for myself.  And honestly, I’m just not sure how to get my freakin’ butt in gear with this stuff.


So, here’s what I’ve read:


Jon Acuff’s 52 & 7

I’ve written in my journal about this.  I’m committed to this idea, because it’s a

great way to keep what you like and don’t like.  This is realistic for me.


10 Things Wrong With Your New Year’s Resolutions via Time Management Ninja

What’s great about this: time management is on my list of things to improve.

It needs serious improvement.


A new year in Christ: 8 new ways to live – Pastor Mark Driscoll – The Washington Post


13 Signs You Need to Get Unstuck via Relevant Magazine

(I get the magazine, but you should totally sign up to unlock the full article)


5 Ways to Slow Down in 2013 via Relevant Magazine

After living in France, I realized how I tend to not slow down.  Some days I get

flashbacks of rushing into the kitchen and being asked why I’m moving so fast

in the morning and I responded with how I tend to run late and I need to get to

my day and the woman I lived with simply said, “the whole world runs late! stop!”

My French family certainly shared some day to day wisdom with me.


5 Questions to Begin 2013 – Nicole Unice

This was an extensive journal entry for me.  I plan to write and share about it

on here!


How to Pick New Year’s Values – Renee Fisher via iBelieve

I like values, not goals or resolutions, but values to improve.


Do you remember? – Seth Godin

Love this.  Resolutions rarely work, so take inventory.  I should be able to take an

inventory on life, especially if I do that for my vegan pantry to plan for my bulk shopping.


Have you read anything about resolutions and goals for the new year that has inspired you?

Do you have a plan?


HAPPY (belated) NEW YEAR!


I’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather and embracing the change of seasons (despite not wanting to give up my flippies and capris!).

I’ve been baking something with pumpkin every week, PLUS making pumpkin pie pancakes.  In return, I’m doing double the yoga on the weekends.

Not only do I thank God for pumpkins and, nearly, all things containing pumpkin, but I thank God for each and every breath I get to take.

“I must have a wine and cheese party to celebrate!”

This past weekend I celebrated one of my best friends:

In about one more year I’ll need to refer to her as ‘Doctor’…

I don’t remember the last time I pulled an all-nighter, but I’m still quite capable of doing it!

There was wine & cheese

and great company.

Celebrating your loved ones is a must in life.  It’s a great thing to celebrate people and their accomplishments!