bits o’ this & bits o’ that

bon samedi! hello!

This morning I am, several days before the end of the month, I’m going out to breakfast with one of my best friends, Ann. Carb overload at Cracker Barrel! C’mon, you know that you can’t just eat one biscuit there..

I didn’t post much this week because the weather was soooo nice and I’ve enjoyed the evenings outside and not hanging with my laptop. desolee! Well, Tuesday evening I was hit directly with that storm that swung through the Midwest to the East coast. I was standing at my window checking out the sky and watched the lightning strike the electrical box thing and was without power till sometime in the middle of the night. I’m so thankful that it came back on!

Reads: I started re-reading and [first time] journaling my way through She’s Got Issues. I’m expecting some serious growth from this! As I said last week, I read the book before, but where I’m at right now is such a crazy/interesting shift in life and I truly believe this book will uncover some things within me. I’m diggin’ deep.

Listens: While working out I’ve been enjoying the Echosmith and Saint Motel Pandora stations. I’ve also been enjoying Elle King. Hey, did you know she’s Rob Schneider’s daughter? Rob Schneider who films with Adam Sandler, THAT Rob Schneider.

Sometimes I wish I filmed my face when reading stuff on the internet. Probably some of my best facial expressions are done in front of a computer screen. Oy vey.

Eats: For the month of July I am going to do the Whole30 diet and I’m really looking forward to this. So, as a prep I’ve been eliminating some things from my diet. I know just above I mentioned I’m going to Cracker Barrel, but that very rarely ever happens! I’m really looking forward to omitting grains/legumes and expanding my options. It’ll also make me get a bit more creative with my meal preps.

Lusts: hey, those Disney Vans I mentioned two weeks ago? WELL, I bought them. I had to. It just seemed like an essential that was needed. I’ve been doing A LOT of closet/clothing/shoes purging, so I can use another pair of sneakers (complete lie). I’m also cleaning and purging through my make-up collection. Both projects deserve their own posts.

In other news, I’ve started my Christmas shopping. I know, that’s nuts! But, I never have an issue finding or getting anything after November.

So, anything interesting to share?

Have you completed the whole30? Aside from their resources, have you found good boards on Pinterest or blogs? 



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