Make-Up Monday: Fleur de Force !

The day Fleur de Force’s make-up line was released on FeelUnique I received two reminders: one in my email and one I wrote in my diary. When she posted the video announcing her line and swatching all the glosses and eye shadows, I knew I NEEDED it all. ALL OF IT.

Each one of her glosses is an essential color: you have the nude, peachy sheen, pink, coral, bright red, berry. I could easily carry all of these in my everyday make-up bag I keep in my purse and be ready for any outfit. Little Star is the Pinky Nude Like My Lips But Better color, while Written in the Stars is the nude color that adds a little oomph to your face because it’s a natural color with a lovely shine. Seeing Stars is a lovely peach color that adds warmth to your look because you’re going beyond a nude-y color. Starlight is a gorgeous bright pink that goes really great with my pink hair! It’s just enough pink to let the world know you’ve got pink gloss on without going over the edge. Lucky Star is my absolute favorite. I believe I will wear Lucky Star all throughout the autumn/winter months. Starry Starry Night is the first time I’ve ventured into the berry lip colored world… I haven’t worn it yet, but I do believe it’ll be a regular like Lucky Star.

On Saturday while tinkering on my computer at the coffee shop and running errands I wore Lucky Star. One of the other regulars at the coffee shop did a double take letting me know he hasn’t seen me with such red lips before. I lol’d because it seems as though MAC Red hasn’t been doing the job.

After putting on the gloss I had several cups of coffee, ate lunch, and ran errands. For over 6 hours this gloss stayed strong. Let’s not forget to mention the lovely vanilla scent of the gloss, which isn’t over powering when applied and slightly lingers even hours after application.

Hurricane Joaquin was in full force and I was in the Sam's Club parking lot.
Hurricane Joaquin was in full force and I was in the Sam’s Club parking lot.

I also bought the two eyeshadow quads, which is such great quality and it made me hope that these quads stick around forever. The Lunar Rose quad consists of the only non-frosty, non-glittery, non-overly shimmering purple-y shadows I own.  Which is great, because these are made for an everyday use. On Thursday I had used this quad and applied every color. I wondered about the little brush that’s included, but it works wonderfully for applying the darkest shade as a liner. It got the perfect line and I didn’t even need to wet the brush.

The Cosmic Bronze quad has a color (the lower left) that reminds me of Bare Minerals Queen Tiffany, my absolute favorite to wear during the autumn months. This shadow will substitute Queen Tiffany for quite some time. I used the darkest brown as a liner and blended out the bronze-y Queen Tiffany-esque shadow on Friday and it wasn’t too overdone for work. On Saturday I used the lighter colors and the darker shadow as the liner with Lucky Star.

Forget traveling with your Naked palettes! These are much better for traveling and serve the day to night purpose!

Honestly, I don’t have very many make-up bags and I decided I may as well buy nearly everything Fleur has to offer. This make-up bag fits so much stuff! What I love most about it is that it is rectangular shaped and will actually fit square items in it. Know what I mean? This bag doesn’t have the square/rectangular shape that makes it awkward to fit your square quads, square blushes, and rectangular-ish foundation bottle. It all fits so nicely and the bag keeps its shape!

I am still waiting for the lashes to come in! They’ll definitely get some use during the holiday months.

This was my first time ordering from FeelUnique and I must say, it was a great one. I will place future orders with them and am glad that they are great with mailing to the U.S., they don’t over charge for products/shipping, and they allow me to shop some products that I can’t get here in the states!

*I spent my own money on these products and this post was not sponsored.


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