Let’s Talk Fitness!


This photo was taken last night at training.

Let’s back up a little bit!

I was at my heaviest (250ish) and partially mindful of my eating. I say partially because I had moments of thinking, “I prepped X meals for the week and will eat well for the rest of this week, so this <insert food item here> won’t hurt.”

In my defense, this was during the 3.5 years I had a 4 hour (on a good day) round trip commute and spent my time at home M-Th getting ready for the day, eating dinner, getting ready for the next day, maybe some reading, and getting ready for bed. I spent approximately 3.5 hours awake M-Th and maybe I pushed it to 4.5 on Fridays! Weekends were when I rushed to get things done for myself and it was a battle, all the time.

For the majority of the time I would eat healthy, but my lack of working out really did me in. I understand that people say 80% of staying in shape is eating right, but my body needs movement! I didn’t always work out on the weekends and struggled with that motivation. Sleeping in, cleaning in my pajamas, and eventually going to the market to start on my food prep was more productive.

NOW, I only have an hour commute, round trip. I drink coffee as I get ready for the day, eat breakfast, make a smoothie for when I get to work and enjoy eating dinner slowly. I still food prep, because it’s just so convenient, but I can also come home and make a dinner from scratch.

I’ve lost 35 lbs. so far this year (last that I weighed myself, about 9 weeks ago) and only my trainers know the amount in inches.

During the summer I started weight training with a local trainer that’s part of a local business. (YAY for supporting small businesses!) My trainer, V, had weighed just a little less than I and in less than a year’s time she could have easily been ready to step on stage for a competition. Her story and motivation is inspiring.

We can read for hours on the internet about how great it is to do X, Y, Z habits, scratch out X ingredient completely, and start using more of A, B, C, things every other day… but taking this time for myself and taking the leap to have someone work with me has been so rewarding. I’ve learned so many more things about my body because someone was watching me execute moves, watching me shrink or bloat, asking me about what I was eating and doing outside of our appointments.

Yes, people can lose weight on their own. I have before. My weight has fluctuated my whole life. I got to a place in life where I knew I could do it on my own, but I really needed the extra support and instruction. I also wanted accountability. I’ve learned just how crucial it is for my body to work out and balance out the food.

I don’t plan to complete, but I’d like to get close enough to that physical state. I definitely don’t plan on getting to what I’ll call Ice Sculpture Status! (You know, how Amy Schumer referred to her CrossFit boyfriend as an ice sculpture in Train Wreck?)

Have you accomplished any fitness goals this year? What are recent goals you’ve made for yourself? Other than bettering yourself, what is your motivation?!


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