Phew, life!

I thought that maybe my Fall season wouldn’t be so busy since I am working closer to home… NOPE.

October has been chock full of things and we’re about halfway through it! More to go…

My evenings have been full of training, work outs, getting things done around the house and when I think I have down time/time to devote to this blog something else pops into my mind that takes priority. iy yi yi!

Over the weekend it was Homecoming and I never saw this small town resemble Friday Night Lights before. I mean, if I lived in a town kinda like East/West Dillon that would be pretty neat. I’d probably know the rules of football, but it only happens once a year ’round these parts. One of my favorite teenagers had worked on building a float and I had to see it in action:


Um, these floats were amazing. I couldn’t believe the craftsmanship and it that they were all made by teenagers.

A piece of the conversation regarding the float went like this:

Tara: There was music playing, you heard people yelling and I could only see through the top of the float from inside.

Me: What album were you guys listening to?

Tara: They were playing some Big and Rich…

Me: (laughing sooooo hard) Wow, that couldn’t be any further from NWA!

Tara: What’s NWA?

Then her parents started laughing and we just said a rap group and the reason for the movie Straight Outta Compton. So hilarious, yet not, because she’s 16 and I’m 30 and she had no idea of that pop culture references.

THEN, on Saturday I had a formal event for church! We were celebrating my pastor’s 19th anniversary. The event went well and the year’s worth of planning is finally done!


This was my first experience using Rent The Runway. I’d highly recommend it to anyone!

Saturday evening was the Homecoming dance and I got to take some pictures and fuss over Tara’s dress:


Combat boots: most practical dance shoe EVER.

Oh, a crazy intense rain storm came rollin’ through Friday night, so the game was canceled! The storm lasted for a few hours and all the Friday Night Lights townies had to run for cover.

Sunday was church, food prepping, laundry, and getting some things ready for the week with somehow maybe relaxing… Then Monday came and it’s been training, workouts, adult responsibilities, life.. oh my! This weekend is slower and I’m dog sitting, so lots will get done around here.

There’s a peak into my small town life and it was definitely a new item to add to my Small Town Experience List. Four years later and I’m still adapting. You can take the girl outta Philly, but you can’t take the Philly outta the girl. That seems appropriate to say!


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