Saturday Bits

(where I wrap up my weekly reads, listens, eats, buys, internet reads/finds and anything else worth highlighting)

I’m excited to write this post because it allows me to go on about things that are frilly and not so serious. This week has been serious and exhausting! Thank God for the internet, right?!

Books: I’ve slowly been re-reading Blue Like Jazz. It’s so refreshing to re-read this at this time in my life. I’m so thankful for raw and honest writers about their faith and life. It’s a reminder that I’m not alone in some of these thoughts and feelings. Simply.

Listens: I’ve been listening to Jon Foreman on shuffle a lot and the new Hillsong worship album is really good. I’ve been listening to deep lyrics for comfort and to settle deep down in. A lot of reflecting has been going on in my noggin’!

OH. And how can I forget about Adele?! I heard her new song about 10 times yesterday listening to my various SiriusXM stations on my commute and running some errands. I’m pumped!

Internet Reads: The New York Times published an article about working out when you’re older and the benefits it has on your brain. Specifically regarding lifting weights. I was really happy to read this because it pushes me to work harder with my personal fitness goals!

Most importantly, it was released that Netflix is going to release a season of Gilmore Girls! AHHH! Nerd Moment: If they pick up after season 7 and do a more in the future thing, that’ll be great. I think they’ll do a good story and properly wrap things up. ORRR if they opt to do a Fuller House kinda thing and bring it back for a few seasons to open up some new stories, that’ll be awesome! (Yeah, I just assumed that Fuller House will be around for a few seasons).

More on TV: HAVE YOU SEEN SCANDAL? Ugh. If Olivia stayed with Jake on their island nothing would be happening right now. Clearly, she just HAD to be with Fitz again to keep the story going. Olivia couldn’t not work and lay back on an island. She can’t just run away to Vermont and make jam with Fitz. She needs to work, she needs to feel like she accomplished things within her day and keep herself productively busy.

I can’t wait till Outlander gets back on T.V.

I wish Mad Men didn’t end.

The End of T.V. Talk.

Eats: One of my colleagues said on Facebook that she needs to get back to the gym to make room for her holiday pounds. One of my favorite statements I’ve heard in a long time! I’ve been eating pretty clean and swore off pizza until Christmas break and keeping away from sugar. I know that I’ll be around sugar and all those amazing Autumn and Winter holiday baked goods… so in moderation. I plan on baking and eating… haha!

Work Outs: Plank elbow? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it is a real thing. I had to plank on a  mat that I thought would be pretty awesome and comfy, no it messed up my arm skin! I’ve been enjoying high planks in the mean time.

Welp, that wraps up my non-serious life stuff from this week. What has been fun and frilly in your world?!


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