I over committed myself in October. Every weekend I was doing three different things, between training nights were evenings with trying to keep up with adult responsibilities (like laundry) and I even had some unexpected things pop up that I had fit into the scheduled madness.

I’m not complaining. I had a lot of fun and made loads of memories!

November is a month of rest. I declare it!

I need to finish some projects that I started this year. They fell to the side. I really need to clean, I believe the dust bunnies have evolved to dust groundhogs.

Most importantly, I need to slow down this month and just really reflect and pray about my life. On the 28th it’ll mark one year since my younger brother had died. Prior to his death, I decided that 2015 needed to be a year I won’t forget: I’m turning 30 and need to truly celebrate life. Little did I know, 2015 will also be one of the hardest years I can remember.

There are only so few things I’ve said no to this year, yet I didn’t make it one of those ‘Say Yes’ years. I learned how to manage with very short battery charging moments for my introvert tendencies.

So, look for more posts. I’m really going to write my heart out.

In the mean time, I’m going to go look at several more tubes of red lip stick that look like the 342894849384 tubes I already have. *PALMFACE*


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