I never expected October to be such a crazy month. I tried to keep up with blogging! But let’s be honest, I had a few expected things come up and work outs and maybe more work outs than normal because I decided to not face emotions and working on a few sleep issues (should really be a whole other post, because I’d be curious about other thoughts/what people have done).

  • I had a formal event for church, we celebrated 19 years of my Pastor’s ministry
  • Homecoming was that same weekend and I saw the parade, fussed over teenagers going to the dance, and had flashbacks of my own high school dances.


  • One of my best friends was in Sweeney Todd and it was a great production. This old man in front of us made comments throughout the musical and had this laugh that just enhanced the experience. “yeah, slice ‘em!” I later learned that guy is married to a lady in the production, hahahaha!
  • The mom of another best friend had passed away.
  • The same week of attending a funeral I attended a wedding, (way to wake up the emotions!)
  • I had two Halloween parties: one after the wedding reception and another on Halloween. I dressed up as Minnie Mouse.


  • I went to Boston with my sister! She had a business trip and I tagged along. I can’t remember the last time I was there, I’m pretty sure as a kid I traveled through Boston? Anyways, I fell in love with the city and couldn’t believe how much it reminded me of London! They could do away with the crazy taxes though. For real.


I totally had to go!
I totally had to go!


Everything above I meant to post last Sunday, except my mom went into the ER Saturday night and was scheduled to have her gallbladder taken out. She’s much better now and recovering well.

I’m ready to resume that slow going month I mentioned the other week 🙂



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