Make-Up Monday: Autumn/Winter Lips

I’ll mentioned it again, I grew up watching my grandmothers spackle on the lip stick. One loved her reds and the other loved her shimmery pinks. My mom loves her plum colored lip sticks. When I worked really long days I’d tote a nude lip gloss, nothing fancy. As often as I could outside of work I’d sport a bright lip.

Now I don’t rush to leave the house every morning and I can wear all the lipstick I want! So, this season I indulged a little bit. In addition to buying all of Fleur de Force’s glosses, I just needed these…

image (1)

Charlotte Tilbury’s Red Carpet Red

I’ve always been a matte lip fan. I’m so glad that they’re really popular right now, as the shimmery or satin finishes are a bit much for the face at times. The formula for these matte lipsticks are just unbelievable. It’s evident that there is a bit of silicone in the formula, as you can put your lips together and it’s stays smooth. You don’t feel that slightly tacky, sticky feeling from the dry lip that normally occurs with a matte lip.

Back to the color! Despite the blue undertones, I can pull this off. It’s a medium-dark red and it does require a lip liner. It is an opaque color and is buildable, but best to have a lip liner underneath. By using a lip liner you can make this color cooler or warmer, which I love. Over the years I’d find red lipsticks that I fell in love with, but couldn’t wear because I am too warm toned. This one allows wiggle room. Others haven’t allowed much wiggle room. This product is worth every penny.

image (2)

Charlotte Tilbury’s Bond Girl

I won’t lie, I was wooed by the name. I grew up watching the original James Bond of the 60’s and have a deep love and appreciation for Sean Connery.

This rosy plum has warm undertones that works with so many different colors. I’ve matched it with different eye colors and even outfits. This color just works so well with it. It’s kinda my new nude color. The coverage is great and is buildable. I haven’t worn a lip liner under it, just some lip balm.


Charlotte Tilbury’s Walk of Shame

I’m one of those people that finds a brand and sticks with it. I can’t help it!

I never bought a color like this one before and I’m glad I branched out with this one. I didn’t imagine me going with a more coppery-red color. I’ve always been more on the bright side or nude, but this is great new step for me in the lip color arena.

These lipsticks are long lasting, hydrating and really lovely. I highly recommend this line,  as I’ve yet to explore the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. range!

The rest of these are definitely new and bold and required bravery from me… definitely not a color I’ve dabble into EVER.

image (3)

I was at Nordstrom’s looking for Burberry’s Oxblood (still on my list) and was informed they didn’t carry Burberry make-up, but ‘hey, let’s show you these Tom Ford colors!’ I was sold. The sales associate had me try on Bruised Plum, above, and I couldn’t believe how much I liked the color. Then they had me try it on again with Nars Belle Mare underneath … OH! it was love! 


And for a lighter and brighter plum shade I have Nars Damned. It has a lovely mauve undertone to it and is more on the cool side, which I never venture into! 

These are the shades I am sporting this autumn and winter. I’ll probably pop in a day with Lustering or Patisserie, but I’m going all out in color and looking forward to being able to sport more than a nude lip each day.

What are your autumn/winter go to shades? Any new lip color buys for the season? What is your staple color?


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