Saturday Bits: Thanksgiving Edition

Thanksgiving is a really fun holiday in my home, as we have had an open door to many friends who haven’t had the ability to get home or are new to America. This event results in a large slumber party and pants optional attire AKA Where Your Pajamas to Dinner. That’s just how we roll!

For those of you who do search for recipes to get inspiration to serve the traditional dishes with extra pizzazz or you really need a recipe to cook (which is totally okay!), here are some of my favorites and some that have been loved in Thanksgivings past.

Whole Food’s recipe for Roasted Garlic and Parsnip Gravy has been seriously popular at my house. I’ve had to make loads of this because it was preferred over the turkey gravy my mom makes. I do use more than 1 bulb of garlic for one recipe depending on the size of the bulb. In addition, I prefer to use vegetable broth and more fresh thyme.

Rachel Ray’s Pumpkin Mac and Cheese is delicious! I always go for the amber beer option and add in loads of fresh flat leaf parsley and paprika.

My mom makes the traditional sweet potato casserole with the coconut crumb topping. Surprisingly, my mom doesn’t do the marshmallow topping because she LOVES marshmallow. This sweet potato dish is a savory dish and had converted my friend Ann, who could careless for sweet potatoes, to LOVE something sweet potato! My only tweak to this recipe was making more of the pesto, cause it’s so darn good! Also, any recipe from Smitten Kitchen has been a success in my kitchen.

I made this Pumpkin Churro Layer cake last year and there were no leftovers. It was gone. Thankfully I cut myself a slice for later and that was the only way I got to try this cake. It was my first time making this cake and you better believe I will make it again!

Okay… so brace yourself because this next cake is SO DAMN GOOD. Period. This cake is so rich and so good. OMG. There were leftovers, because there were a lot of slices on people’s plates and my friend Ann demanded leftovers… she hid the cake and ate it for days afterwards. I received a very amusing text when she finished the cake. Let’s say she’s waiting for this cake to happen any day now.

I Am Baker is such an awesome blog that I’ve loved reading. This woman is so talented.  Her Bourbon Chocolate Tipsy Cake is sooooooo sooooooooo good. I couldn’t execute the hard sauce. I’ll be honest, it was difficult for me and I never made something like that before. Twice failed. It’s all about timing because I saw it forming and got excited and a second later it all disappeared and separated. womp womp. Hard sauce or not, this cake won’t disappoint.

If you are disappointed by this cake, then you should keep that secret to yourself.

What are must have dishes every year for your Thanksgiving dinner? What dish do you most look forward to?

Happy Thanksgiving!


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