Make-Up Monday: BeautyLish

I wanted to buy some Bioderma. Nordstroms, online, was sold out and my local Nordstroms doesn’t sell it. BeautyLish was the second option in my search (right after, yup, Nordstroms). About a week later KathleenLights mentioned BeautyLish in a video and it was only the second time I heard of the company!

First off, the brands that BeautyLish carries are no joke. They are all high quality brands and it is one of the only places that I’ve found online that carries some brands like Charlotte Tilbury, Bioderma, BY TERRY, IT Cosmetics and others (other than large department store sites, Sephora, or directly from the brand site). Secondly, the customer service is out of this world(!). You get the email that your order is received, ready to ship, then the email that it shipped and the tracking. AND in addition, I got text messages! That really made the experience and the representative wanted to make sure that I liked the product, the packaging was good, and if I had any questions or completed my beauty profile with the site. I was blown away by this! I’ve had some horrible customer service with Sephora over the phone and in person, so that’s why I can word my experience as ‘blown away’!

Okay, so my first order consisted of three bottles of Bioderma. The packaging was beautiful and I’m not sure if any damage could have been done, it was extremely secure. Since this order, I’ve received emails with offers for Bioderma and I really like that they paid attention to my interest in the brand.



My second order were items from Charlotte Tilbury. I prefer to check things out in a store, if they’re new to me brands, and then go order online. I find that ordering online has better benefits and more freebies than buying directly in the store. I happened to be around three Nordstroms while I was deciding to buy these lipsticks and they all said, ‘no, we only carry Charlotte Tilbury online.’ I went back to BeautyLish, who also has the best photos to view swatches, and decided what colors I wanted. No regrets, I love all the colors and the swatches really assisted in making my decisions. Again, the packaging was amazing and great customer service.



Let’s go back to the swatches: you can view lighter and darker complexions in a swipe or on the lips, then you have the swipe on the white background and you have the photo of the bullet. Seriously, no other site has had such amazing swatches for you to help decide to purchase the product. I’ve viewed so many products just because of the swatches.

BeautyLish ships to a list of countries that you can view here. Based on the customer service I experienced so far, I can only imagine that returns and exchanges are a breeze!

Have you ever ordered from BeautyLish? I highly suggest viewing their site and making a purchase if you so desire 🙂


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