It’s Time for A Christmas Soundtrack!

I had three conversations today regarding the weather and how nice it was Thanksgiving day. Essentially, the unseasonably warm weather has hindered our holiday spirit. As soon as my mom and I got into my car after Thanksgiving dinner, I put on SXM’s Holly and said, “Now that we ate Thanksgiving dinner we can officially listen to Christmas music!” My mom had an enthusiastic, ‘yeah!’ and then a Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra duet came on. I wish I could remember what song it was, because my mom quickly looked at the screen to see who was playing and said, “I like Crosby, Stills… oh, wrong Crosby!” I lol’d so hard! She was so quick about catching her statement, which made the moment all the better.

Anyways, this morning while getting ready for my day I decided to play some Christmas music. I started with Lady Antebellum. I moved onto Hillsong. Then I played two songs by Jason Gray. I settled with Phil Wickham.

I have a huge collection of Christmas music! One of my Christmas albums I’ll listen to throughout the year (Chris Tomlin) and there might be times when I’m on the treadmill and Jimmy Eat World’s ‘Last Christmas’ cover comes on. Just sayin’.

Here are my top favorite Christmas albums, in no particular order!

Chris Tomlin’s Glory in the HighestAdore: Christmas Songs of Worship

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I will listen to Glory in the Highest throughout the year. Yes, it’s a Christmas album but it is also one of my favorite worship albums. When it isn’t the Christmas season the urge to listen to is definitely few and far between. His new Christmas album is just as amazing. Chris Tomlin has definitely mastered the live recordings and group recordings technique. Any of his songs that are from a conference, or other live performances, aren’t rough sounding.


Vince Gauraldi Trio’s A Charlie Brown Christmas – I grew up listening to this while dancing around my grandparent’s living room. I have such fond memories hearing these tunes and Christmas isn’t Christmas unless you watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. The end.


Hillsong’s We Have A Saviour

Hillsong is one of my favorite worship bands and they really stepped out of the ‘box’ with this album. It’s more folky sounding, which they haven’t done on any other album. I love that sound, in general. I instantly fell inlove with Brooke Fraser’s ‘Unto Us’. Before this album they had a Christmas EP titled, ‘Born Is The King’ and the title track was another instant favorite. Born Is The King is included on We Have A Saviour.

Gungor’s O Christmas

This is EP is available through their website and a SoundCloud is on their  site for listening.

I love love love Gungor’s music. One of my favorite versions of Holy Night. Oh  Light, which features All Sons and Daughters is soooo good.

I’m waiting for All Sons & Daughter to do a Christmas album.


Rend Collective’s Campfire Christmas, Vol. 1

Another band that delivers some of my favorite music and their Christmas album is so quirky, and yet traditional. An out of the box traditional.


Phil Wickham’s Songs for Christmas

I love Phil Wickham’s voice. I like his covers and this is an album that just works for me when it comes to mainly traditional Christmas covers.


Jason Gray’s Christmas Stories: Repeat the Sounding Joy

Jason Gray writes songs that are deep. Songs that make you think. Some songs are catchy and song along-y, but for the most part they create some serious reflections. His Christmas album is similar. I remember listening to this the whole way through in my car and then again at home while writing. It really made me dig deeper into the gospels and have all an all new perception to the birth of Jesus and his parents and all other individuals involved.

I also have started many a car ride, anywhere, with ‘Christmas is Coming’. So good!


Pentatonix, both PTXmas and That’s Christmas to Me

I’m a sucker for acapella music and they do a version of Carol of the Bells that leaves me in awe. These are such talented individuals and I can’t sing like that!


Third Day’s Christmas Offerings

I listened to this one a lot while living in France. I was learning Christmal carols in French, which was quite difficult when you’re used to different words with the melody. This was my English speaking outlet. This and Mariah Carey’s Christmas album were the only ones on my ipod. haha!


Jars of Clay’s Christmas Songs

These guys are amazing. I love their cover of Wonderful Christmastime. I would like to say they made Paul proud, it has a light eletronic=y sound in the background and Dan Haseltine’s voice pulls it off too.  Winter Skin is a favorite and they do a good Drummer Boy cover. I never cared for that song, but I dig it on this album.


Josh Wilson’s Noel

Jesus is Alive comes right after Christmas is Coming on my playlist. This album is sooo good and is another that stopped and made me think. These aren’t just covers on the album, but a handful of songs were new to me and thinkers.

Welp, those are my top albums. I listen to loads of others and this weekend I will post my extensive playlist for Christmas music! It includes a lot favorite bands, not necessarily all Christmas music like the albums above.

What is your favorite Christmas song? Your favorite Christmas album? Your top 5 favorite Christmas songs???


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