Make-Up Monday: Cold Weather Skin Care Routine

Vent: I’m currently in the waiting room at the dealership for an oil change. I’d rather be cleaning my entire house in preparation for my critical grandmother to come visit. She’s not really coming to visit, but I’d rather be doing that than sitting here. However, HGTV should be proud to know that their channel brings the waiting room together in conversation.


Due to having oily skin it is very rare for me to experience dry skin; however, there are some times during the winter season that I’ll have dry skin. This typically happened because of my commute: waiting for the train on the platform and feeling the winds, walking the city blocks and all the to & fro inside and outside buildings. Now that I’m not working in a city and doing all of that, I know I’m going to have a new experience with winter skin. I didn’t want to make assumptions, but I’m thinking I’ll still experience the dullness and occasional dry patches.

I recently made purchases from my two of my favorites places for skin care: The Body Shop and Lush. They are all natural products with expiration dates and have never left my skin with crazy uncomfortable reactions. The same grandmother mentioned above was so concerned about the appearance of my skin that she was bought the Pro-Activ that made me cry! THAT is an uncomfortable reaction to face wash and “moisturizer”.

The Body Shop is one of my favorite places. They make several of my staple products that I’ve used for 10+ years. The Body Shop has Vitamin C products that are to help with dull skin and boost your glow! Great sales and promotions are going on there all the time, so I was able to utilize the buy 3 get 1 deal! I bought the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer, Vitamin C Skin Boost serum and the Vitamin E Eyes Cube. Here is my morning routine:

I’m still oil cleansing my face and twice a week I exfoliate with the St. Ives Apricot Scrub. I pat down my face and use the Vitamin E Eyes Cube that will refresh my skin and fight away the tiredness! This is very cooling and I really like swiping it under my eyes each morning. If I can successfully get this comparison across: it feels like the under eye equivalent of Rohto drops


I then mix together the Vitamin C Glow Boosting Moisturizer, which also says it is for tired, dull, grumpy skin, and the Vitamin C Skin Boost serum that helps with smoothing radiance! These two products, individually, are silky and quickly absorb into my skin. My make-up lays nicely on my skin and it doesn’t cause any cake-y ness.


In the evening I remove all my make-up with my trusty coconut oil and then use Lush’s Dark Angels Cleanser. It cleans out your pores, exfoliates, brightens and leaves your skin feeling baby bottom soft! Oh man. It leaves my skin feeling so soft.  I spritz my face with the Breath of Fresh Air Toner Water and instantly use the Vanishing Cream Facial Moisturizer. After spritzing my face I go in super quick with the moisturizer because it all feels nice being mixed together and I also am doing this RIGHT before bed, so I’m tired and ready to pass out. I really love this moisturizer because of how light it is and the lavender smells so nice. Lastly, I put on the Clinique All About Eyes eye cream.

I don’t put eye cream on in the morning, it just seems like too much for my face and my oily skin. I am afraid to try it, but putting on several layers of skin care and then make-up just seems like too much.

I would also like to add that each of these shops were amazing with their customer service. I walked in and was asked if I needed help or was searching for something specific. I told them what I was looking for and my concerns, which lead them to educating me on various products. They were patient with my questions and were lovely ladies. (I went to the shops located in the Christiana Mall in Delaware).

What is your winter skin care routine? What are you winter skin care staples? What is a good treat for your skin during the cold weather days?


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