Weekend Bits

(where I wrap up my weekly reads, listens, eats, buys, internet reads/finds and anything else worth highlighting)

Ah, it’s been awhile since I posted one of these!

Regarding my last post: Transparency is important. When I was still in the stages of getting to know someone, who is now a close friend, I had shared pieces of my childhood and having an alcoholic dad. They instantly apologized and I said, “Why are you apologizing? You have nothing to apologize for!” and he said, “I knew your parents are divorced, but I never would have thought that you and your mom went through that.” We continue to live our lives, simply. Since my brother’s death, we continue to live our lives. I refuse to carry those things around that keep the hurt alive, it creates a darkness one your face for everyone to see. It’s not necessary. However, I discern the appropriate times to share these parts of my life. You never know when someone else needs to know that there are people who understand what it’s like, people who understand how you feel and people who don’t mind that you cry. If anything, I’ve learned that it’s important to let it out.

MOVING ON! Since it’s December, how about we go with a Christmas theme?

All the TV shows are having their winter finales and making way for all the Christmas specials! AH! I watch Merry Christmas Charlie Brown about 5 times before Christmas. Seriously. It’s a childhood favorite and I remember them playing it around Christmas, not immediately after Thanksgiving. In fact, my grandmom had taped it and we would watch it after opening our presents on Christmas Eve. I like the Snoopy revival that’s taking place, but I don’t like the make-over they gave the characters.

I can’t deny this, but I love DVRing the Hallmark Christmas movies. I’d watch them with my great grandmother and she just loved watching these. She got me sucked in! She passed on ’09, but I get a pretty big smile when they start to show these movies. Even if it is the Christmas in July spurt, she thought that was such a riot!

I typically get all my Christmas shopping done by September/October. There are only a few odds and ends that take me into the mall during December. I make a lot of gifts and make sure I have everything I need. The wrapping and decor part is what takes me out of the house. I really get into crafting and loooove wrapping gifts. That’s my absolute favorite part! I like collecting accessories throughout the year and adding them to my little crafting box. (I make sure to limit myself with a large rubbermaid container so I don’t go overboard!).

I posted about my favorite Christmas music albums. I’ve been listening to a lot of these while getting ready for the day. Seriously, this warm weather we’re having on the east coast is throwing me off with getting into the season!

Holiday parties are taking place and normally I’d go all out with a cookie tray that I made and bring some wine. I’ve extended my summer go to baked good treat into the winter months and no one is complaining. Two things about this recipe: my blondies don’t look like hers and I add unsweetened shredded coconut. One batch of these turned out like her photo, but that was the one time I used a standing mixer instead of the hand mixer. The hand mixer creates a fluffier batter and so they are taller. You can clearly see the bottom blondie layer, the lemon and the thin top blondie layer. 

This weekend I am getting together with a friend and helping her Christmas shop before she heads home to Brazil. I’m finally going to get some ice skating time in and check out the new stuff they’ve added to the ! I hope it’ll be in the 50s, at least!

What Christmas movies are traditions in your home? Are you a Christmas shopping planner or a last minute do-er?


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