Make-Up Monday: Sigma 3DHD Kabuki Brushes


For Cyber Monday Sigma Beauty had a great sale and I couldn’t resist seeing if there was anything I ‘needed’. I’ve been eyeing these two up for quite some time, I’ve been intrigued since their introduction email! Alas, I decided they must be mine!

In my opinion, there’s something about duo fiber brushes that just seem to work a lot better on the face. These brushes are so soft, yet firm enough that you know they work and blend. They pick up the product and it just glides right onto your skin. I’ve only used these brushes with liquid foundation and concealer, so I can’t vouch for powders. I imagine they’d work just as great!


This brush truly made me feel like I was painting my face because of how I could manipulate the brush. I go in first with the larger brush to spread out my foundation, blend it in and go over the curves of my face: through the jaw line, my nose, my cleft, my chin, under your nose to your upper lip… it glides everywhere conveniently! I then use the smaller brush to clean up my concealer and foundation around my eyes, my nose and the redness/discoloration I have under my my chin reaching towards my neck.

Between these two brushes I reach every angle of my face. I never paid THAT much attention to putting foundation on before. Did I really think a brush was going to make me that aware? No. I thought a mirror and lighting would do that!

Yes, I did purchase these due to a sale price, but I’d purchase them full price. They’re worth every penny!


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