Christmas Happenings!

Christmas break… ahhh! I had a pretty good To Do List for the break. Cleaning, Organizing, etc. BUT it’s important to relax and have that time to not feel like to you need to do something or feel the time crunch to get something done.

It’s been such a strange Christmas season with the weather being SO warm and wearing flip flops. I broke out the winter coat once so far and you truly needed the winter coat that day. I’d say that day was the coldest day of the autumn/winter season yet! 

The town has been decorated since before Thanksgiving and the tree farm has come and gone.

You know, not all night shots come out clear on the phone!

I’ve been listening to my Christmas tunes and eating baked good that have come my way.

My mom and I went home for the day (well, my home) and listened to these guys play carols and saw the Macy’s Christmas lights.

Rittenhouse Park


We shopped on Walnut and Chestnut Street to end our evening at the Continental! 


Several days later we had visited Bethlehem, PA. The Moravian Bookstore is a highlight to the town all year round and the country’s oldest bookstore! It was great to explore, in the pouring rain, Main Street and have a new appreciation for the area. When my parents were married we didn’t go to this area often to stop and view the sites, so it was really nice as an adult to truly appreciate it.


On Christmas Eve we had our baking extravaganza for family and neighbors. I neglected to take a picture of the baked good boxes. I just love putting together pretty boxes of cookies and gifting them. I find it so relaxing and therapeutic, too.

Gifts were exchanged on Christmas Eve with love and hugs!


I went to visit family that live just outside Pittsburgh and spent about five days out there. I got lost and found America’s first cast iron bridge, which I never expected to find! AND THEN, I saw a sign that said Pyrex, PA. I googled it in a gas station parking lot and learned that Pyrex is made in the great ol’ state of Pennsylvania and they renamed the town to Pyrex for 2015 to celebrate 100 years. (Side note: I totally would have taken my picture with the world’s largest measuring cup, if I had only known!). It was great to see my grandfather and some other relatives that I normally only see via Facebook. It’s funny how connecting with family on Facebook creates conversation and more connection.


Almost immediately (well, it felt like immediately, give or take 16 hours) I had a girls night with my two best friends from high school/college. I met them 15 years ago during our sophomore year of high school. Gen lived across the street from me and Gen introduced me to Katie, but Katie and I didn’t really become close until we were reunited in college. They are two of the most amazing ladies in my life and it is one of life’s greatest things to have friendships where you have no judgement, complete honesty and lots of laughter.

We started with Taco Tuesday and half priced margaritas at Buena Onda. Then made our way to Hop Sing Laundromat and moved on to another dinner at Royal Tavern. hahaha, we REALLY treated ourselves!

We did stumble upon an amazing mural for Bernie Sanders:


This wraps up my Christmas happenings! Next is New Years!

How was your Christmas? What’s your favorite tradition, or what things do you look forward to the most each Christmas season?


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