Moving, Changes, Small Spaces & Organization

Hi Everyone!

It’s been awhile since I last posted. After sharing my personal struggle with anxiety I moved and am still working on the unpacking part. This year I’ve also been getting tested for allergies. It turns out it doesn’t matter that my face hurts, over the counter meds are the only thing I’m eligible for.
I’ve been minimizing the amount of things I own. Making lists for projects and, ironically, of a few other things I need to buy.
I’m adapting to living in a smaller space. It’s been fun to browse Pinterest regarding small living space hacks, ideas, etc. Sometimes the small spaces people living in are bigger than your previous living space, but hey, we all have a different definition of small living space.
I’m ready to get back on board with blogging! I’ve missed the community and have missed reading all of your posts and commenting!
Some things that have been on my mind as I’ve cleaned, packed, and unpacked: I’d like to move over to and start doing one take YouTube videos. Currently, I can’t wrap my head around editing. I know what that takes and I’m just thinking that one takes will be a bit more authentic and transparent. In time I could get more vlogging/editing in.
How many of you live in smaller living spaces? What are some items/hacks you absolutely love for small space living? Any ideas on how you keep things organized?
Once more boxes are removed from the floor, I’ll provide some photos. The boxes strewn about really make it look like I live in a shed. haha!
What posts have you written that I NEED to check out? I’d love to read ’em!
Any small space recs are appreciated and I’ve missed you all!

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