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Hello Everyone!

This is the third day in a row of sunshine! After six weeks of gray rainy days.. well, some days had sunny spots, but it’s been FULL ON sunshine. Oh right, after six weeks of rainy days it has been hard to concentrate on getting stuff done because I just want to be outside!

I mentioned on Monday that I moved into a smaller space and am now becoming educated in small space hacks. I recall some of these from my dorm living days, but they have since become more creative!

I found a great piece by HGTV and they have some really great ideas that I can easily complete. C.R.A.F.T., essentially, put your kitchen drawer(s) on a door:


This is perfect! I only have one drawer and right now it houses my measuring spoons, knives, scissors and a other baking/cooking needs. I imagine if you don’t have a full sized wall you can use shutters?

The D.I.Y. Playbook has a video to demonstrate how easy it is to make a mason jar organizer. 1) I have a lot of mason jars 2) I could really use this for my flat ware.



I have not read The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I would like to, but I haven’t had the time. In all honesty, there’s a lot around the internet regarding her techniques. I didn’t need to buy the book. I can vouch for her t-shirt/shirt folder method. I can’t believe I fit SO MUCH into my fabric drawer! I understand the theory behind minimal living, but there are some things that I’m holding onto.

Under the bed organizers are a life saver! I have two Underbed Shoe Organizers and an Underbed Box from the Container Store. It’s amazing what you can fit under your bed, especially if they are seasonal items. I tend to wear tanks and sweaters all year round (thank you, unreliable office temperature!), so for myself I do not change out seasonal clothes and store them outside the closet.

I’d like to take some before and after photos to share and provide other tips/advice as I adjust/learn more about living in a smaller space.

What projects are you embarking on at the moment? Or what projects would you like to muster up the energy for?  <— let’s be real!

* all photos are from the creator’s site. These photos are not my own.







3 thoughts on “DIY & Hacks

  1. When things have a place, it sure makes it easy to find and stay organized. These are great ideas! I’m building cold frames and this weekend I plan on chain sawing a couple trees that have fallen down. Great post. Thank you for inspiring! 🙂 Have a great weekend to come! Koko

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Koko! I def. look forward to getting myself unpacked, organized and getting these pieces situated 🙂

      Have fun with those trees! We had over 2 dozen taken down at my mom’s… what a project!!

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