Saturday Bits #17

As I sit here to write this post, I had to think long and hard if I’ve actually done more than think about DIY hacks, small living space things, looking up recipes, and re-financing (HELLO ADULTHOOD) schtuff. Like, what have I been doing other than working, thinking about new blog content, writing lots of things down and making multiple lists, paperwork, unpacking, organizing.. blah blah blah.

(BTW – still working on the projects from the last post. I’ll do an update).
A friend and I were just talking about what we’re watching on Netflix. On Memorial Day the weather was awful and didn’t leave the house, which lead to me going down the Netflix Rabbit Hole. I forget where I started, but I kept clicking the ‘more like this’ link and eventually I started watching When Calls the Heart. Definitely not something that would normally catch my attention, but I’m SO sucked into watching this. I’ve been dragging it out a little because ya gotta wait until Netflix gets the new season… sigh.
Speaking of TV, I don’t have cable anymore and haven’t watch beyond three episodes of Outlander. EEK. Ann and I are going to do a marathon sometime in the future. If you don’t have cable, what do you use to watch your shows? Netflix? AmazonPrime/FireStick? Chromecast? Hulu? I am thinking that Chromecast is my best bet. I don’t have Amazon Prime, so it doesn’t make sense to pay for that yearly just to watch tv and the stick (even though it does cost less than cable when you average it out, yeah?).
I haven’t tired of the new Ray LaMontagne or Lumineers albums. To keep some variety in there I also still enjoy the new Gwen Stefani album. I’m also really loving the new Justin Timberlake song. I don’t care, I turn the radio up.
I opted for a No Dairy No Cookies No Pizza June. It just had to be done. The cheese was making my palms itchy, the sugar was a downward spiral, my skin is freakin’ out, and my throat is phlegmy. It Day 4 and I’m off to a good start!
I got out the spiralizer today and this week is all about spiralized veggies and Mama Pea‘s Peanut Mmmsauce and other chopped veggies, beans, rice, etc. I like meal prepping and I like providing a little bit of variety, because I do tend to find comfort in convenience when it comes to food. I am going to make a batch of these candied walnuts* for my overnight oats.
Hmm… not sure I have much else to share with you guys at the moment. This week should prove to be a bit more exciting in terms of content.
Hey, do any of you use Beme? I’m pumped that it’s out for Android phones! I’m rachellerenee on there. I’m still trying to figure out how to get multiple frames done and I also talk when I think it’s recording (because I hear the beep) or I don’t talk fast enough! I should get on board with Snapchat. I keep hearing about how it drains your battery which is why I don’t want to commit to an account :/
So what have you been up to?!
*If you haven’t checked out Minimalist Baker yet, you’re missing out!

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