Make-up Monday: The Body Shop Haul

During my hiatus of anxiety and depression I received an email from The Body Shop with a percentage off that I couldn’t resist. Knowing that summer was around the corner and that I was running out of other skin care items, I took advantage of the sale!

Lil, one of my bestests, brags about the Vitamin E line from The Body Shop. So, I purchased the Vitamin E Eye Cream. I really like it. It’s simple and works on the lines and darkness that can occur around the eye area.


I also purchased the Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream. This is a really nice day cream. I only started using it more recently, with the warm weather, and it pairs really great with oily skin! The scent is really light and a small amount goes a really long way.

The Tea Tree Oil Pore Minimiser is a game changer for me. This product is not slick like other pore minimizers and doesn’t irritate my skin. At first you have a strong scent of tea tree oil, but it fades really quickly. I only bought one of these and I wish I bought several for the price. I’ll know for next time!

The Seaweed Clarifying Night TreatmentSeaweed Clarifying Night Treatment is really good for when my skin gets super problematic. It doesn’t dry out my skin, it doesn’t try to mask the natural oils, it just soaks right on it and does it’s job! I don’t use this every night, just in spurts and you notice the difference right away.

The Seaweed line has a light scent. It’s not a floral-y scent and it doesn’t smell like seaweed, but the Seaweed Oil-Balancing Clay Mask has such a strong smell. Maybe the batch I got has this strong smell, but I could not wait to take this stuff off my face. I like what it did. It’s a great product. THAT SMELL. phew.

I would recommend each of these products for anyone who has oily problematic skin and prefers to balance out their natural oil. At some point I want to try another Vitamin E product that seems suitable for my routine, as it’s always been highly recommended to me!

The mango bits were a free gift, quite a good scent!

Any recent hauls for the summer time weather?!


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