What I Ate Wednesday!

For the month of June I decided it needed to be No Dairy No Sugar No Pizza Month. Dairy and sugar were making frequent appearances in my diet the last month and it really shows on my skin! <insert gigantic sad face here> For the last several days I’ve been clean eating and feeling the Lack of Sugar Effect. I believe that combined with swapping my morning coffee for green tea has been harder than I imagined. I greatly decreased my coffee intake, but thinking ‘oh, let’s just swap it for some green tea and see how I do’ may have been a stupid decision. I’m determined to keep going anyways!

For breakfast I had 3/4ish cup of cooked quinoa with cinnamon, a tablespoon of almond butter, drizzle of honey and a banana. I put the quinoa in a pan with a smidge of coconut oil to heat it up before adding everything else.


There was a full staff breakfast meeting at work and I thought, “oh, on my way out I’ll get a pastry. I’m not paying for the sugar!” WRONG. The catering ladies already broke everything down and one of them said to all of us with the same idea, “you just ate breakfast, you don’t need it!” 

For lunch I put together a one pot concoction of chili black beans, peas, corn, and zucchini on brown rice. It looks gross, but I assure you it is delicious! I’m well known for throwing things in a pot and it not looking attractive, but tastes really good.


My snacks for the day were a red pepper, two plums and some carrot sticks (not pictured).


I like to have a fruit after lunch for some sweetness!

I got some rough news regarding my dad yesterday. He’s been in the hospital and I went for a two hour walk between phone calls regarding his status… I didn’t realize how long the walk was. I was hungry, but lost my appetite quickly with the news. What’s not pictures is my quick avocado and tomato slices on toast with some salt and pepper.

What did you eat today? What are some delicious eats you’ve had lately?


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