Life Update

I imagined today to go a bit different: wake up, get a run/walk/jog thing in, shower/breakfast, write a Saturday Tid Bits, get my mail, sit at the dealership for an oil change & recall fixing, hit the ATM and get some groceries. Enjoy a Saturday evening writing some other posts and food prepping, blah blah blah.

I got everything up to the dealership part accomplished, minus the Tid Bits post.

Previously, I had mentioned the status of my dad’s health. I’ve been learning a little bit more of what to expect and there isn’t a time frame to anything. My dad was in the hospital for two weeks, went to a rehab/PT facility for ~12 days, went back into the hospital and is now back at the rehab/PT facility for another week. Lots of decisions, lots of variables, lots of conversations, lots of names to write down… I have an entire notebook devoted to my dad and everything that’s happened so far.

In the mean time, I’m trying to manage/accomplish some other things  I started prior to this: refinancing, student loans, DIY projects…

To some degree I can focus and get things done, but then there are moments where I change focus right away and need to get out for a walk/run. Other moments it’s ‘I can’t even begin to think about cooking… pizza?’. And then I just fall down the YouTube hole some evenings.

Between the moments of having to switch my mind from personal life to work stuff, from prioritizing what I absolutely need to do for myself and what can wait so that I can get things done for my dad… I just thank God that I am in my right mind to do these things. I haven’t strayed from being sound. I haven’t had stress overwhelm me so much that I break down. I thank God for the strength I’ve been given to keep going. I know that after this season passes there will be things I’ve learned. I know that what I’ll reap from these experiences will be priceless and build me for what’s ahead in my life.

When I’ve had moments to breath and read or write, I have jot down posts that I really want to write. Ideas that I want to act on. New platforms I want to explore.

I don’t have all the proper things/equipment, but that’s okay. I just need to DO it. What happens, happens and what’s meant to be fruitful will flourish as it should.

This event has been another reminder for me that no matter what your intentions or plans are there will be things that you need to work around. After getting through some serious depression and anxiety earlier this year, I thought life might be a bit more eventful with happier things. Despite the circumstances, I know I’ll come out stronger. I know that I’ll be in a better and newer place for me to move forward with a new set of eyes and renewed spirit.


One thought on “Life Update

  1. Love you.

    It sounds as though you have the balance right as much as circumstances allow right now. Pizza and YouTube holes are perfectly acceptable, when you have so much else to prioritise.

    Proud of you.


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