Saturday Bits #19: Monthly Goals and Lifestyle Changes

I woke up this morning and saw 5:37am on my iPod, ugh. Sleeping in is so hard for me to do, but once I roll over I will eventually fall back asleep and then it’s just hard for me to get out of bed! At times I reach that point and my productivity really goes out the window. However, at this point and time I am catching up on my life and trying not to be so hard on myself about that.

My life update from Monday mentioned my weight gain and lack of unpacking after I moved. Last night I had dinner with one of my best friends and as I told her how I realized that I didn’t unpack or really customize the place after moving in from all my traveling to take care of my dad. Then she said, “you were just existing in a space because of everything going on around you.” It really hit me. Sure, I had the bright colors in my kitchen space that reflects a semblance of me, but my make-up was strewn about and my jewelry was all packed away, my perfumes were packed away and nothing had order. When she came over immediately of finding out the news my dad passed, she noticed it when walking in the door. Side note: In that moment, I realized how grateful I am to have someone (people, it’s definitely plural!) to know me like that.

Well, I’ve moved passed just existing. I’ve got stuff to do! I’ve got plans to make and goals to accomplish!

I have October goals in place to get personal paperwork organized, some of my dad’s paperwork better organized and finalized, better organize my cabinets (the other night a friend stopped in and she noticed I have some skincare items next to my bowls and plates), and to take some me-time/more truly relaxation time.

I had some pain in my right knee over the summer. Even though it made me limp at times, I didn’t go see a doctor. However, I did think about what I was eating and every weekend I made a stop at a bakery and would get a cinnamon bun. Some weeks I would also buy a package of cookies from Acme and have two after dinner each night. At one point I had so many extra bananas that I would bake banana bread every Thursday or Friday night. I had so much added sugar into my diet that it started to hurt my body. These habits weren’t normal for me and I quickly realized that I needed to cut out the sugar. The sugar wasn’t helping the noticed and unnoticed stress I was experiencing.

Aside from my weekly Saturday stop to get a Vanilla Sweet Cream Coldbrew at Starbucks, I won’t have any sugar. My knee feels great/normal.

October Goal #1: no unnecessary sugar & no sugar binge-ing (binging? bingeing? can I spell?)

Dairy is my enemy. But pizza and mac and cheese and grilled cheese  and cheese smothered burritos and pepperjack cheese with red grapes are soooo delicious!  All true, but my skin isn’t delicious when I eat dairy and my voice suffers. I would also bet the skincare in my kitchen cabinets that it messes with my newly found allergies.

October Goal #2: no dairy.

I’ve found so many great Youtube channels for at home workouts. I’ve really enjoyed them so far and want to share them all in a post. I specifically want to wake up and get some yoga in. I wake up and stagger around a little bit, put the kettle on, turn some music on, and eventually get in the shower. I’m not a morning person, but I think getting a good yoga sequence in will make that needed difference Monday – Friday.

October Goal #3: practice yoga in the morning

I’ve already started making my bed in the mornings, which is completely new to me in my 31 years of existence. I read an article about how if you tackle making your bed first thing in the morning then you’ve done one productive thing and you created the pathway for more productivity. I guess that’s true? I mean, I make my bed, get ready for work, and then make it to work… so that’s good?

I’m doing these things to make way for more challenging goals and life style changes to get myself on track.

Do you have any goals for October? What habits are you thankful for having/have started?


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