Sunday Reflections

I’m not the best at memorizing things.

I’m the worst.

But I’ll remember all sorts of random bits I hear/listen to from podcasts while I shake my fist at excel spreadsheets. I’ll be honest!

I remember in 8th grade Miss Quigg had us memorize poems on a weekly basis. We also had to memorize Longfellow’s The Village Blacksmith and that took several weeks of practice. I remember working so hard to memorize it quickly and giving myself two weeks to recite it in it’s entirety. I was determined to get that A+!

Senior year of high school we had to memorize a monologue from Hamlet. Completely forgot about it and called out of work the night before we all had to recite it in class. It was not my finest moment.

The only reason I remember certain scriptures is because I had to memorize it in college for my Bible as literature type course or I’ve heard it in church that many times.

I’m a compulsive note taker, so I’ll write down the scriptures and go back and read them later or I highlight them in my bible app and eventually write them down. I’ll have an idea of the scripture, but I can’t recite it word for word. When I’m sharing commentary during bible study I have written down what I want to share or I say something like, “I know it’s said in X book about… “. I’m not going to pretend to quite something when I know I’ll downright be wrong.

Several weeks ago I was reading a devotional and the timing of it’s subject and scripture couldn’t have been better. By that point for several weeks I was asking God questions, reflecting on changes I need to make and have made, and really praying about my emotions and the thoughts that I’ll have due to these emotions.

“I’ve told you these things so that in me you may have peace. There will be trouble in this world. But take heart! For I have overcome the world!”  John 16:33

(That’s how I memorized it, not word for word or exact, but it’s pretty darn close!)

I’ve since been reciting this throughout the day out loud or in my head. As I’ve repeated and made the efforts to continually remember this verse each day, I would apply it to what happened that day. There are so many things I’ve been taught to keep peace. There are so many things that I took in mind prior to speaking or responding to an email to not do in order to keep peace (not giving in to emotions!).

In the end, memorizing scripture is for something so much better than a good grade. I’ve been able to apply this to my life daily! I don’t remember the Hamlet monologue in it’s entirety. I remember random bits of The Village Blacksmith. Either way, those things aren’t of use in my day to day life like remember God’s word. And in the end, knowing the village blacksmith had large sinewy hands won’t do me any good.

Start memorizing and repeating the encouraging word of God. Or even motivational quotes. Take your time to memorize and reflect on how it applied to your day, everyday. Keep a journal and see how your mind, spirit, actions, and words mature and change.


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