Saturday Bits

Ah, why should I bother numbering these posts?

Anyways, it’s SATURDAY!

I have a To Do List to tackle and lots of relaxing and crocheting to do.

Speaking of crocheting: I have quite the list to tackle for gifts and have been creating a post for my projects. I bought a few patterns from Etsy and these ladies really know how to write good patterns and have a quality product! If anyone else here crochets, let me know and maybe I’ll get the post up sooner!

What have you been listening to lately?? I’ve really been enjoying Joseph lately and a new Hillsong Worship album came out last week.

In the last month I’ve baked this Pumpkin Cornbread recipe and it’s soo delicious. The Blue Earl Brewery released their pumpkin beer, Ain’t Superstitious, and I baked this for a girls night out. I didn’t have molasses on hand and added another tablespoon of olive oil and brown sugar. It worked!

One of my best friends is really into LulaRoe and now I am stalking all these Facebook groups to view their shirts, dresses, skirts, t-shirts, and styling ideas. I even stopped a lady in WalMart to ask her if the leggings she was wearing were LulaRoe and we chatted about the product. I haven’t bought anything yet, I’m too slow to comment ‘sold’  because of work and life. haha! Anyways, I really look forward to making a few purchases and sprucing up my wardrobe.

I don’t need another eye shadow palette, but the new Naked palette is gorgeous and I looooove my matte shadows! *swwooooon*

I made a pledge for a Sober October. Elizabeth from BeautyBets wrote about having a sober October and to support her I said I’m all in! Instead of enjoying a drink, I felt the need for several drinks for my body to relax and fall asleep. I wasn’t pleased, but I refused to take a sleeping aid. No drinks, but some nights where there were naps and some nights I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. All things are well and I’m pleased that I haven’t felt the need to substitute wine for chocolate, more food, or anything.

What’s new in your world? Have you ever felt the need to commit to a dry/sober month? New tunes or crafts?!




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