Establishing A Morning Routine

I wasn’t going to throw this at you on a Monday morning… so why not wait until Wednesday afternoon?!

It’s been said that it’ll take 21 days/3 weeks to develop a habit. I can get behind that because the last two weeks I was staying awake until 12-1am and sleeping till 7ish and it wasn’t easy getting back to ‘normal’ for my day job. I find that midnight to 7am is my natural sleep schedule, but I do like waking up around 5 or 6 (given I get the proper sleep) to accomplish things and get stuff out of the way early in the day.

I’m someone who needs time to wake up. By choice, I’m not one to rush right away in the morning unless I have to.

I thought about getting back to ‘normal’ and decided that I need to establish some more concrete morning habits to be more efficient. So, I did what everyone else does and took to Google. When I read the article 12 Things Healthy Girls Do Before 7am I instantly thought, “What time are they waking up to do all of this before 7am!?” Maybe I am THAT slow?

I was excited to see that I already have some of these habits: drink a big glass of water, eat a healthy breakfast, limit your phone use (sometimes that is debatable: does watching Netflix or YouTube really count?), make your bed, and establish a skincare routine.

The two most important things I found that I need to do is carve time out for myself and move my body. That time in the morning to center myself and not wake-up with a running list in my mind is something I desperately need.

Some time before Christmas I saw this article about doing yoga moves in bed. Perfect! While I LOVE and prefer to work out in the morning, I can’t possibly wake up any earlier to get in a full work out, shower, and everything else.  I’m moving my body mindfully and if I’m feeling the need to do more yoga on the floor then I will. Since yoga is an exercise that needs to be done mindfully, I find it can be really effective even if I only have 10 – 15 minutes.

So now I wake up to complete my yoga, have my me time/drink water, shower, make my bed, skincare / get myself ready, eat, get dressed, and get out the door.

I prefer a morning shower, but have gone through phases with evening showers. There are lots of articles on this topic. If I know I need to get into work early, REALLY EARLY, I’ll go for the night shower.

I tend to be someone who has an idea of what they’ll like to wear day to day, but I do waste a little time getting that task done. I need to improve in that area!

I’m someone who meal plans, except for breakfast. Eeek! Wait, I lied. I like overnight oats, and that’s the best I get at planning breakfast. It’s either overnight oats with chia seeds, hemp seeds, almond slices, and honey with fruit or I sub the oats for greek yogurt (Fage 0%). I like getting in a lot of protein at breakfast time to start my day off well and get my metabolism going! Perhaps my protein breakfasts should be for another post?

So far, so good. Even if I had a late night my mornings have still be good.

So, Happy New Year! I hope if you have goals, resolutions, habits, or routines that you’re working on and putting into place! What does your morning routine consist of? Have you had to redo your morning routine or schedule? What two things must you do every morning or else your day is off?




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