Creating New Habits for Mental & Physical Health


Officially, all of my Christmas visiting is done! I’ve never had it extend so far into January before. Once upon a time I had mentioned that I would do a post on my crocheted gifts and I’m starting to compile all the photos and patterns. I like making Christmas gifts and making custom things for people. I don’t ever take the easy way out with gift cards.

In some ways, it seems like it’s all the rage to talk about mental health; however, it’s something that has impacted my life since I was a child and am recovering (is that the right way to word it?) from my deepest darkest point I’ve ever reached.

Several friends reached out to me realizing that I wasn’t my normal self and as I opened up to them, we were able to have a conversation about things that may have helped them adjust to no meds, adjusting their meds, or what steps they took to lifting themselves out of where they were. Two of my friends knew from personal experience what this was like, so their loving advice was greatly appreciated. When it came down to it, it was creating a schedule for yourself, so as to not get lost in laziness, and creating new habits.

I gained weight these last few months. I lost my appetite and gained weight, how awesome! So I needed to create new eating habits and a routine for working out. I took the internet, read lots of articles, thought about what’s doable financially, what’s doable with my work schedule, and what I can do when I encounter a day that does not allow too much flexibility. (can you tell I’m a planner and like to have action plans in place?)

  • Morning yoga
  • 30 in 30: 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. This was the hardest adjustment. I don’t want to wake up and eat food right away. Very rarely do I wake up and have instant hunger. I have been alternating between Greek yoghurt and protein shakes.
  • Taking time for yourself in the morning: I am taking the time to write, read devotionals, write my reactions to said devotionals, or listen to a podcast while crocheting. I realized just how important this part of my day is because too many times I’d get caught up in my day and not take 20 – 30 minutes for myself.
  • Talking out loud to myself: I allowed the act of comparing myself to others to steal my joy. I have been talking out loud to myself with affirmations, even listening to Jesus Calling devotionals and reflecting on them out loud as I put on my make-up.
  • No dairy, limited sugar, limited carbs, no processed stuff: dairy hurts my life. Sugar makes my joints ache, sometimes. I didn’t grow up in a house that kept pasta or bread, so the last bit is easy… I just love pizza and hot buttered rolls. It sucks when you have the ability to make them homemade any night you’re in the mood.
  • Evening work outs: I love working out. I like feeling sore, in a good way. I like the satisfaction that it provides in knowing I can execute certain moves. I like how it tires me out and I sleep better.
  • Taking the time to write evening reflections: after a long day you need your mind to unwind.
  • Reading fiction before bed: I could also have said ‘watch 30 minutes of tv’, but I know myself and it’s rarely just 30 min. I get caught up and I’ll need to know what happens next. Reading fictions allows my mind to get lost in another world and be able to close a book/kindle.
  • Having a cup of apple cider vinegar & hot water: I’ve been having a cup of this before bed MOST nights. I went away for several nights visiting my grandparents and I noticed a difference with my sleep. Whatever the science is behind this, it’s amazing! ACV is no stranger to me because I use it on my face, in my hair,  when I feel I’m coming down with something I’ll drink it with honey, and now it’s just ACV and hot water about 30/45 min. before I plan to shut my eyes.

So far, so good. I’m really excited about these changes and to see their results. I didn’t include any links because I read some of these things in multiple places and couldn’t keep track of all the sources.

If you’ve needed to get out of dark season due to mental illness, or just needed to create better habits, what did you do? Any suggestions for me?  thanks!



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