My face hurts and it’s killing me more than it is you


It’s been nearly two years since I stopped working in the city I call home (Philadelphia). I now live in Small Town America full time and commute to another small town for work. It took maybe 6-9 months for pain to set in my face. Pain that makes your eyes hurt. Pain that makes it hurt to breathe. Pain that will travel all over your face and you feel the pressure change as you check to see the temperature and pressure changing…

oh, it’s painful.

My brother had allergies growing up and had to get shots every two weeks. I watched him suffer as a child and adult. I have always had sympathy for those with allergies, but to start experiencing them after turning 30 is just wrong. I feel like a whiny baby at times. I’ll totally admit to it.

Yesterday I woke up and couldn’t even drive to work because the sunlight hurt my eyes and the sinus pressure was so intense. I’ve been to my GP asking if there was an allergist they could refer me to, but they said that my pain is average and I need to take over the counter meds.

So last night I went to Google to see if there’s something other than the ACV & hot water, nettie pot, essential oils, local honey, nettle, and antihistamines for me to try.

WellnessMama is a blog that I enjoy and it offered some natural allergy relief remedies. The only one I wasn’t familiar with was quercetin, which popped up on Everyday Roots as red onion water. YES. Red. Onion. Water. There’s a reason the recipe says ‘organic honey, to taste’. I don’t know if I’ll go that far for relief.

I get in my Vitamin C and I don’t know if it makes a difference taking a bee pollen vitamin vs. bee pollen granules. Two sites have mentioned bromelain, here and here, and you can get it off Amazon.

Based off my internet exploring and budget, I’ve tried all of the natural remedies prior to consistent allergy/sinus pressure. So, I’ll start putting some in place regularly and see what happens. As far as over the counter meds, I’ll take a 25mg. antihistamine in the evening before bed, if it’s that bad, and there’s a 10mg. Zyrtec I can take in the mornings if it’s bad enough that I need something.

Do you have any natural remedies that work and not mentioned here? How about over the counter meds? Despite what my GP said, I am going to make an appointment to see an allergist to find out if there’s anything underlying I should know about.



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