Cemetery Conversations

I’ve recently had an interesting moment –

The Little Sister wanted to take a stroll through a nearby cemetery, so her and her friend were looking up the addresses to determine which ones they’ve visited. Apparently, Google allows you to rate cemeteries. “I’ll only be buried in a 5 star cemetery. Nothing less,” said the friend. The rest of us choked on our saliva or a drink, it was nothing we expected to ever hear!

As we were checking out the names and dates on all the graves, taking note on how women outlive men and some women had a whole other lifetime after their husband passed. There were plenty of biblical character statues and neither of them had much knowledge of who is who and what they did. I answered their questions with the best of my knowledge, mentioned some books that I read, and was asked if I took any bible literature classes in college.

After the cemetery, dinner, and a movie, I started thinking about that conversation a bit more: they trusted me to be honest and tell them the right information. The questions were in depth and I had a responsibility with my words. While I’m respectful of other’s opinions on faith and have had many a conversation regarding topics of faith, I had a responsibility of telling them the right information and educating them. No sly converting tactics (ha, I’d be the worst at that), but just factual, honest information!

It got me thinking even more… what if that’s the first time someone really spoke to them about this stuff? What if this is the only time they really hear about it truthfully without motive? I’m being held responsible for their impression, especially since they know I’m active in going to church and bible studies.

So do we take the time to be responsible for our words? Do we understand how people trust us to tell us correct information? Are we accurately representing what we believe?

This was definitely a new way of thinking about my role in this world. A role that represents all that I believe and keeping my word consistent.

Walking through the cemetery we were discuss God and His creations and the lives they lived. I wondered how many of those individuals thought about their role and words spoken during their lifetime. I’d hope at my going away celebration that my words brought laughter, good stories, and meaningful conversations.

Let’s make sure to speak well, with intention, and with love.


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