WOES: My Sugar Addiction

I’ve come to the realization that I’ve had an addiction to sugar.

No joke.

I was 6+ weeks sugar free and all I thought about was birthday cake (April is full of birthday celebrating ’round these parts), my local coffee shop’s homemade scones, that small piece of chocolate that’s great after dinner, and any breakfast item that typically has sugar or honey at brunch… I thought of all those things. I browsed Pinterest to eat with my eyes. It kinda helped. Eh, let’s face it: I just pinned a lot more and created more boards.

Oh and yes, I included honey. I went hardcore cutting it all things classified as a sweetener! QUELLE HORREUR!

My mom and I were talking about sugar addictions while eating her birthday cake, ironically. We stuck with our tradition of baking one another’s birthday cake and wanted to still do a ‘proper’ celebration. We couldn’t eat a whole slice of cake since the sugar detox has been pretty intense, from a handful of bites we got this insane sugar rush followed by a severe drain in energy.

All I can say is that I will not trade in my sleep for sugar. I’ve been sleeping SO well without sugar.

I didn’t have caffeine or sugar withdrawal headaches/migraines when I start HCG. Which is a relief, but at the moment it’s slightly inconvenient when you’d like to just have a taste of something and want to be obedient and strong against the urges! But I’ve become more intrigued with a sugar free diet and monitoring my carbohydrate intake. I’ve learned this is something I need to do for body type and maintain since I’m getting older. I certainly won’t deprive myself. I’ll still bake and enjoy bread when I go out to eat… I mean, check out these creations that were shared at social events I planned. I planned them due to selfish interests in wanted just a taste… just a slice… *swoon*

Chocolate Fudge Babka
Blueberry Lemon Loaf
Blueberry & Lemon Curd Babka and Blueberry & Lemon Cream Cheese Babka

Can you tell I’ve been using all my blueberries and lemons?!

The Little Sister treated me to some Rita’s several weeks ago and now I find the need to go every few days for a sweet treat. I won’t buy anything to keep in the house, but I’ll go out of the house and make the effort for a cool treat.

Anyone else here cut out sugar? How long did you go or are you still going? What did you replace cravings with?




3 thoughts on “WOES: My Sugar Addiction

    1. HAHA. It doesn’t help that I just sent a text to Kathy (Tara’s mom) saying, “I had a great cake idea this morning. Let’s figure out a day, time, and reason for this celebration.” Ugh, it’s hard… but you do feel a serious difference.

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