My August To Do List

I understand it’s August 7th. We’re a week in and I’m now posting a To Do List, but this would serve as accountability. I also freaked out a little bit when driving home Saturday evening from the movies and noticed the sun was setting a little earlier…

  • More Outdoor Activity – it’s the last month of summer and I don’t want it to end! Despite the fact that Autumn is my favorite season, I’ve had too much fun this summer.
  • Wake Up Earlier for ME Time – When I wake up in the morning I’ll think, “okay, tonight I have time to do X, Y, Z,” and then the day goes on and things change. So, if I wake up in the morning and have that specific amount of time set aside for myself I don’t need to keep putting off my evening plans.
  • Watch Less, Listen and Read More – I love to escape by watching movies or binge watching TV shows. I’ve always had that weakness of getting sucked in, at least I’m aware of it. I have a pile of books to read, some I’ve bought on my Kindle, and Podcasts that are piling up. It’s also easy to listen to Podcasts while getting ready in the morning.
  • No Sugar – No more Rita’s, no more cookies, no more babka. I decided that after baking those beer brownies last night I needed to take a break!
  • Morning Writing Session – This kinda falls into waking up earlier, but my mental health is so much clearer when I take the time to write.
  • Shopping Freeze – No shopping unless it’s absolutely necessary! I’ve had too many stops into Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, Michael’s, and Target lately. I don’t need back to school supplies and need to avoid all cute notebooks.
  • Don’t Push Chores/Cleaning to the Weekend – I ALWAYS think this weekend I’ll do blah blah blah and never do. Or, I’ll dilly daddle and waste time when I could have been doing something fun. No more telling myself I’ll Power Hour on the weekend to clean. Nope. It’ll get done during the week because I don’t want to take long and it’ll get DONE.
  • STUDY STUDY STUDY and Develop Business Plan – Sometimes I find executing certain ideas daunting and I can’t do that anymore. I need to just do! I also think by executing my above strategies will give me a more focused and healthier mind to really study and clearly think through my business plan ideas.


What are your August or end of summer goals? What things do you want to get done before the days get shorter? 


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