A Well Needed Weekend ft. TPRFM

Well, I said that I’d blog every day for the month of August, but life happens.

Friday was the end of a really crazy week. It wasn’t a fun type of crazy. I did laundry, put on a face mask, watched Suite Francaise on Netflix, and fell asleep so fast I didn’t finish my glass of rosé!

Saturday was a busy, but such a fun day, that was greatly needed. The Little Sister and I drove north to visit one of my best friends, Katie, and go to the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market at Neshaminy Creek Brewing Company. I remember going to this flea market before ‘Trenton’ was put in the beginning… I had some serious flashback moments as we walked around. There was a post flea market “punk rock” show and it was the Little Sister’s first time being in a small, sweaty, loud space. She loved every minute of it.

I also took her on an unofficial tour of the Arcadia University campus, because I’m damn proud of being an alum.

We had sushi.

I walked away with great finds from the flea market and having a really great day with some of my favorite people.

I got home and passed out. Yesterday I was a responsible adult and cleaned, meal prepped, and didn’t feel guilty about not posting. When push came to shove, I couldn’t be hard on myself for not posting and I needed to recover from having a shitty week.

Tonight I had bible study and I’m crashing early. Good night!

How was your weekend?!


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