August turned out to be busier than I expected. I’m not going to make a lofty goal of posting everyday for September, because I already missed yesterday! I had a few planned busy-ish days, but didn’t post everyday like I wanted. However, I did get my act together with some personal things. That’s the exciting part!

I realized that I tend to focus too much on the reality of certain parts of my life.

I mean, reality can suck and reality can be great. But, there were areas of my life where I knew I could improve, or begin the stages of improvement, and I would push that aside and focus on other things. I was focusing on my more productive reality and not embracing the broken parts of my life.

Broken is the right word.

There were some high anxiety moments facing these broken parts. There were some moments where I had really beat myself up and I had to repent for being so neglectful. I don’t want to have a moment later in life where I think back, or have someone else point it out, and I realize I just needed to suck things up and move forward and keep going because it’s just going to get so much better after the hard work.

I’m excited for a new month. A new quarter. A new season.

I’m excited that I can truly appreciate the newness of every day and being invited to experiencing it.

I had a few broken heart moments this month and they taught me about parts of myself that needed tending to.

I had some moments of pure joy and tears, ’cause I’m such a sap like that.

Life can be so interesting and amazing. Yet, you can be knocked over so hard.

<insert deep sigh here>

That’s where I’ve been at. That’s where I’m at today.

I’m grateful for newness, fresh ideas, facing the facts, being able to make changes, and having a renewed mind.

more to follow, friends!



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