Let’s catch up!

On Monday I was going to post something about Mondays and how Tuesdays are actually worse than Mondays, but then I thought, “oh, I’ll write that on Tuesday. It’ll be funnier.”

Well, it’s Wednesday.

Driving home Monday from work I started to feel a lump in my throat. For the last two-ish weeks my right ear has had some random little popping noises. Last night, when I wanted to post about Tuesdays, I passed out as the sun was going down. Ugh.

People complain about Mondays and how awful they are and blah blah blah. Well, I get into the swing of things on Monday. I get caught up with being more productive and having to adhere to a schedule and go to bed later on a Monday than any other weeknight. Tuesday, on the other hand, is the rough day. It’s the hangover day from your Productive Schedule Adhering Monday. It hit me a little harder since I’m coming down with something.

My dog sitting duties have subsided. I’ve been crafting my heart out and created my Etsy shop. I just need to set it up more and create a Facebook page for it. So far, my friends like my creations and haven’t really shared how much they’d pay for a handmade cowl, scarf, hat, etc. Turns out there are calculators on the internet for such things! Internet, you never cease to amaze me 🙂

In other news, here’s some life highlights:

I’ve figured out my Halloween costume and tried to talk the Little Sister into a group costume, but she’s stubborn. Since this time last year she was planning this year’s costume. “Well, you don’t have this year’s costume together yet, but with my suggestion it’s all already in your closet. PLEASE?!” I’ll guess we’ll find out in a few weeks.

I can’t wait for the new Beck album.

Philly Voice took suggestions for what to do with the Frank Rizzo statue and you bet your butt I read them all. I loved the suggestion for putting up a Questlove bust, a more accurate portrayal of Ben Franklin with a French whore, and melting it down to use for manholes was another favorite. While The Roots were preforming during the Concert for Charlottesville I thought, “we need the whole band in front of city hall.” I mean, there’s a statue for a fictional boxer in front of the PMA, why not statues of The Roots? just sayin’.

For the month of October I am entering another round of HCG and planning to meet my weight loss goals at the end of this year.

My Persian sister is moving to Fargo, ND in a month. Hello 2018 Vacation!

I decided to leave the church I’ve been attending for 7 years. It was a decision that needed to be made and it was extremely emotional for me. I’ve always found it awkward visiting churches solo and have tended to base my return on how I was treated as a single adult. I’ve had discussions about this with other single adults, one who was a pastor and he completely understood my complaints when I was brutally honest about my experiences.

I started taking shots of apple cider vinegar in the morning. A childhood friend said something about it on Facebook and thought, “I use ACV all the time. If he can do it, I can do it.”

I watched the This Is Us premiere this morning while getting ready for work and cried. After putting my make-up on. SUCH A GOOD SHOW!

That’s all I got.

How you doin’? 


One thought on “Let’s catch up!

  1. YESSSSSSSSSS TUESDAYS ARE THE WORST. I always felt the same when I worked full-time: Mondays were the productive, clearing the decks day, Tuesdays were the slump. And now I don’t work on Mondays, I spend Tuesdays clearing the decks AND responding to queries from people who are already out of Monday mode. NOBODY WARNS YOU ABOUT THIS.

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