Punk Rock & an Ivy League town

I’m still studying.

It’s consumed me and I have a vicious circle of studying and then cramming life’s responsibilities as fast as I can. I’m pretty sure I’m still tired from Saturday, which was beginning to end full of adventure and fast moving. On Sunday I wanted to sit an write for a couple hours, but I had to food prep for the week and I was on the struggle bus doing that. Yesterday I had a slight Whoa! It’s Monday high and faded really fast once I got home.


On Saturday I was at the Trenton Punk Rock Flea Market again and then traveled up to Princeton for a walk around and dinner.

SIDE NOTE: It’s been weird going to the flea market without my brother. Since he passed away there are certain things that have taken a huge leap to do, especially since they would always be things we did together. My brother and I had a very oil & water relationship, but there were key things that brought us together. This is one of those things.

This time the flea market was in Trenton and was much bigger than the flea market in August. The weather was beautiful and as soon as we got there we stuffed our faces. I was excited that MOGO was there  and got a fish taco and shrimp taco. DELICIOUS.

Then we browsed the entire market. Most tables were looked at, anything with creepy clowns was avoided. The Little Sister has a clown… phobia? It’s an intense fear.

I found every vendor I was looking to buy from: Will Ramirez, Bort’s Pin Emporium, and Overdue Industries. I also discovered The Paper Cicada. I didn’t expect to spend any more money, but her stuff is so cute and I couldn’t pass up more pins and magnets.

I left with a good haul:



Then we went to Princeton, which is a place I hold near and dear to my heart. I love the little town and I used to skip school and take SEPTA & NJTransit to Princeton Record Exchange when I was in high school. I remember taking Lisa-Marie there when she came to visit and it became even more of a special place. The Little Sister was pretty pumped to go in and check it out, but then was overwhelmed with the [on average] amount of people in there. We snapped a selfie outside for L-M and walked around town.


I bought these amazing balsamic vinegars and Perian Lime olive oil. The Chocolate Raspberry is so delicious and I can imagine drizzling this on cheesecake or ice cream. It would need to be full fat amazing cheesecake or ice cream, for sure! The Red Apple would also go good on ice cream, but I don’t want to just drizzle these on ice cream… I need to find some other items. An emoji doesn’t exist for the drooling food coma face I have right now thinking about all of this.



I’ve had Persian Limes as part of a Persian (duh) dish before, but I have no idea what I’ll use this oil for… I just knew it tasted amazing.

For dinner we had burgers from The Alchemist and Barrister, one of my favorite places in Princeton, and caught a couple glimpses of the White Out at the Penn State game. We went by Albert Einstein’s house in the dark, which doesn’t have a sign pointing to it or anything that attracts attention to the house. That was surprising, so I’ll need to check it out during the day time at some point.

Want to know more about Princeton? Check out this blog post by Lisa-Marie A.K.A. Last Year’s Girl.


And that was about it!

I completely forgot how far Trenton is from [middle] Delaware. 295 is also VERY boring to drive on, which is good because it keeps you focused on the road and not checking out billboards. I normally have some driving mishaps in NJ, but I only had one during this visit. WOO HOO!

Typically I take so many pictures at places, but I needed this day out to get away from studying and adult responsibilities. I just enjoyed the moments and kept the phone and camera put away. Sometimes you just need to do that, ya know?



2 thoughts on “Punk Rock & an Ivy League town

    1. We’ll buy a tiny bottle and pour it over our ice cream from The Bent Spoon 🙂

      It’s amazing. Trust me. I was hesitant, but Tara poured these things out like they were shots of tequila… I was doing an awkward tongue touch into the sample cup.

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