Oh hey, 2018!

What happened to my internet space & where it’s going this year?!

Qu’est-ce qui passe dans l’espace?! I remember when I lived in France people would say that and it would make me giggle because the literal translation is, ‘what’s up in the space?’ Then when I came home to Philly people would say ‘what’s going on in this piece?’ 

ANYWAYS. So, what’s up with this space?

Well, I had a series of projects at work that took up a lot of time and required some extra hours. I then went into Netflix binge mode and crocheted a lot of things for Christmas. And then, I just took extra time off for Christmas break and lost track of time. It’s really the only time of year some of us get off with the ability to lose track of time, so I abused it. I really abused it. After break there was a series of snow days and you need to treat snow days like proper snow days… so, that was movie watching and crocheting and baking. 

There we have it!

At the cusp of the new year I started thinking about 2018 and what I need to do. I opted not to come up with resolutions or goals. Instead, I thought about habits. What habits do I need to change or eliminate? What habits do I need to start or improve? All the while, I also thought about this space and how neglected it was.

Right before Christmas one of my very best friends, Lisa-Marie, who I met via ‘blogging’ on LiveJournal ages came, came stateside for a little vacation. She took NJTransit from NYC to Princeton, a favorite town, and we spent the day together. I put together a little Bruce Springsteen tour for her to see the major spots in Asbury Park. It was so refreshing to have that time with her after not seeing one another for six years(!). Thanks to WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook it doesn’t seem THAT long and we’re included in one another’s daily life in some way or another. 

Over Korean infused tacos at MOGO we talked about blogging and how it’s changed/evolved. I got to talk out loud to someone about it and it made all the difference in how I felt. I miss the days of just writing about all the fun things without competition or feeling like you need to advertise your blog to get some traffic or interact with others. 

This space is about to become more tailored to Rachelle Renee. 

Some friends have encouraged YouTube, but let’s face it: I have a day job and I really would just film weekly bits & bobs or one takes.

I like sharing my life in the internet. I like interacting with other bloggers and I want to just write about life and what’s around me. 

I’m a crafter and I craft while binge watching Netflix or listening to podcasts. I like to sell my crafts and have finally opened an Etsy that I’m still in process of getting up. I’m open about my faith, I love going to concerts, I’m a music junkie, I love getting lost in a movie or series, I like visiting places and eating and baking… I’ve got lots to write about, but I won’t compete about it.

2018 is a year that will really be MY year. 2017 was a great year, but I tended to be more busy and not productive. I’ve been amping up my productivity and focusing on getting my habits sorted out.

Now that I’ve taken 2 months to do that, let’s add blogging back into the mix! And not the ‘I want to blog full time’ blogging or the ‘I want to buy all the things and write back them and get paid’ blogging. Just plain ol’ ‘Hey, this is me and my life’ blogging.


One thought on “Oh hey, 2018!

  1. I am very excited to get my notebooks out again and spend some time writing lengthy things, for me, that I’ll then share with the internet. Those are my favourite posts.

    It makes me laugh that after all our Big Conversations, we’ve barely written anything this year. But that’s good! And when we do, it’ll be worth reading.

    Love yer face.


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