Hello!  I’m Rachelle and welcome to my little corner of the internet!

I started to blog via LiveJournal in 2000 and wrote about my teenager life and music. I met some of my closest friends due to LiveJournal (thanks LJ!) and yes, I’ve met them in real life! When I started blogging I wasn’t aware of the labels they were handing out to blogs, just the tags/categories you were using to organize posts. So, welcome to my lifestyle blog? 

A lifestyle, by definition, is a way one chooses to live their life.

 You can read about my interests in my faith and interfaith communication, my love of all things French (I have a French degree), travels (even my local ‘travels’!), food, drink, yoga/working out, make-up, stationary, music, books, and tv. 

Shall I get a little more specific?

I believe that life is worth celebrating! I believe this because my first love is Jesus.

I’m very blessed to live the life I live.

I’m a Philadelphian. I have since moved outside PA and I can honestly say that I fit certain PA/Philadelphian labels/stereotypes. Proudly.

I love to travel and learn about other cultures, their language, and traditions. It’s amazing to explore God’s creation.

I really enjoy a good wine, beer or coffee.  I’m a down right snob in that area. 

I finally caved and bought a Kindle, just so I can get books a smidge cheaper.

I enjoy working out and being active.  

I love going to concerts and get such a buzz from live music. 

I love make-up and it is loads of fun. Some days you see my steady hand for liquid liner and some days you’ll notice how many eye lashes I have (or so I’ve been told). Once in awhile I pull out the purple liner!

I grew up watching Disney movies and my favorite classic princess is Snow White, my newer princess favorite is Merida. Ariel holds a place in my heart because I sang that soundtrack at the top of my lungs. So many times that my mom replaced the cassette twice.

I’m a Gilmore Girls nerd. Thankfully, Rory was an overachiever and even though she took a year off we still graduated together. 

I’m also a Mad Men and Outlander nerd. Foreals. I enjoy laughs by watching The Office, Parks and Recreation, and Big Bang Theory.

I keep a mainly vegan diet, but I’ve got my splurges with dairy and seafood. I like to practice the whole30 & paleo concepts.

That’s a pretty decent, yet large nutshell.

All opinions expressed are my own. Unless I state otherwise, all photos are my own.



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  1. I’ve wasted so much money on alcohol in my short time, I’m now off it for at least a month… it feels so good, especially on the wallet. Damn the student lifestyle. I like your way of life!

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