Forgiveness & Life Update

I didn’t get my Saturday Bits post up that I wanted. When push came to shove, posting that was low on the priority list. The same with my Make-up Monday post. Here’s why: One of the most powerful things I’ve learned in life is that you can’t change someone. You can only love them and… Read More Forgiveness & Life Update


Seven days ago Scott Weiland was found dead on their tour bus as a result of an overdose.His ex-wife wrote a letter on regarding his addiction and requesting not to glorify his death. I’m not a huge fan of Stone Temple Pilots, other than singing along to their songs on the radio growing up, but… Read More

Recently I had a conversation with a friend, who I also consider a mentor in my life, that made me think more about the direction of my blog.  This isn’t a disclaimer, but something I just felt like putting out here: Upon deciding to start blogging again, I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to… Read More

odds & ends

I experienced the second most intense rain storm in my life during the night. Last year there was a rain storm and thunder struck so close that my apartment shook.  It shook so intensely that the earthquake was nothing in comparison.  Last night thunder struck so close that I woke up to no power.  In… Read More odds & ends