Recently I had a conversation with a friend, who I also consider a mentor in my life, that made me think more about the direction of my blog.  This isn’t a disclaimer, but something I just felt like putting out here:

Upon deciding to start blogging again, I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go towards.  Was I just going to blog about my thoughts, life, and what not?  Did I want to focus on a topic?  What kind of platform am I aiming to pursue?

Before I just blogged about life and stuff, nothing specific.  As I’ve grown I have written more about my faith and food.  I’ve noticed that they’ve come together full circle in my life as I’ve made some drastic changes.  My faith is important to me and God has kept me from going in other directions.  I have a passion for food and bringing people together with food and seeing peoples faces light up.  Cooking and baking is relaxing.  I also like doing my dishes afterwards too.  (Note: doing dishes and cleaning up after a failed cooking/baking attempt sucks).

I decided to go vegan after many months of reading literature about the diet and making sure that I fully understood what it would mean for me to make sure I’m getting everything I need.  I wanted to know my options and things that totally needed to be cut out.

My faith was being put on the back burner because I was SO frustrated with my wellbeing.  My health was in good shape, but there were things that I was concerned about.  There were things I was noticing and thought, “I’m in my mid 20s, I shouldn’t feel like this and I shouldn’t have these health concerns.”

I became a hardcore vegan and noticed these concerns were dwindling as time went on.  I was feeling better, less frustrated, and my faith was restored.

I’m not saying that eating vegan helped my faith, but I wasn’t taking care of my temple.

Faith, food, and silly miscellaneous things are what I’ll blog about.

Faith is fun.  It brings joy to my heart.  Knowledge helps form wisdom and wisdom helps you understand and learn more about your faith.

We need food to live and there are SO many things that He created to provide physical nourishment.  It’s been an amazing learning experience for me.

Yeah, these are the things you’ll find in this space.  I look forward to meeting new people and reading their blogs.  I look forward to learning new things from these new people.  I look forward to creating new friendships.  I look forward to improving my writing… I tend to get lazy when I’m not writing emails, notes, documentation that isn’t work affiliated and scrutinized.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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