Ah, Saturday!

There’s something special about Saturday mornings that I just love – I can have a slow morning.  I can lie in, take my time getting myself ready for the day, cook breakfast, stare out the window and watching all my little animals outside and listen to the birds.

To be honest, I save coffee for the weekend.  Very rarely do I drink it during the week, and when I do it’s because I really need that extra kick!

Coffee also makes Saturday pretty special!

More importantly, today is the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.  This is the day where people waited… they weren’t sure what was going to happen next and all the things that Jesus said were swirling around in people’s minds after witnessing his death.

Last year I read a piece written by Pete Wilson titled Stuck In Saturday that really struck a chord in me.  Whether you observe Easter or not, take the time to read it and be inspired.


Have a great Saturday!


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