Curry on a Whim!

Last weekend I decided to make curry for my lunch/dinner throughout the week.  I’ve only ever made curry when I had a recipe to follow because I was nervous that I’d mess it up otherwise.  The curry would turn out good, but not good enough.

On my recent trip to London I was educated by my friend, who I also at times called the Curry Queen, about curry:

Queen Victoria loved it.  Curry is made better in England because you have better accessibility to fresh ingredients.  Curry is an English staple, not just an Indian dish, but English as well.

Um, that’s all I remember her telling me… but I can assure you that she’ll judge your curry.  She’ll also judge my curry some day, but in the mean time it was judged by someone who has been making curry her whole life with her mother and grandmother.  So there 😛  haha!

Moving on.

I made this curry on a whim and used what I had bought at a recent farmer’s market haul:

1 big aubergine

3-4 small courgettes

1 head of cauliflower

3 c. small red potatoes, diced

2 tins of Muir Glen’s

5 cloves of garlic, minced (it was just enough)

2 tbsp. of coconut oil

3 tbsp. of curry powder

1 tbsp. of garam marsala

1 tbsp. of tumeric

lots of fresh cilantro

salt & pepper to taste

I started by melting the coconut oil and added in the garlic.  Once the coconut oil was melted and content with the garlic (actually, I’m not sure that they’re meant to be content together) add in the tins of tomatoes.

Once the tomatoes are hot, add in the spices and potatoes.  When the potatoes are almost soft, add in the rest of the veggies.  I cooked this on low for a little over an hour for everything to get just soft enough and to soak up the flavor.

Make sure you do not leave your utensils in the pot AND I always leave a large measuring cup with water nearby to stick my mixing utensil in… you can stain your utensils and they’ll have a faint curry smell for months afterwards.  Therefore, you’ll have Curry Only Cooking Tools.

I made some basmati rice to eat with the curry.  Adding some sauteed kale is good too.

Curry: YAY or NAY?  Indian food in general?


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