odds & ends

  • I experienced the second most intense rain storm in my life during the night. Last year there was a rain storm and thunder struck so close that my apartment shook.  It shook so intensely that the earthquake was nothing in comparison.  Last night thunder struck so close that I woke up to no power.  In fact, I was the only house in the county that still had no power at 6am. If I could jump, I would have jumped for joy once I heard the electric kick back on!  We’re suppose to get 4 inches of rain today and I need my sub pump on so my basement doesn’t flood!

  • THEN, going out into the garage I find that there is an adorable family of chipmunks that made themselves a home.  I knew that they would go in and out of the garage because I’ve seen them numerous times when opening/closing the door, but I had no idea they made a home!  There were 4 all together and they couldn’t careless that a human was around, they went about their business and continued playing.  I was greeted at the door and they didn’t mind me taking pictures.

Their jungle gym:

I think their home is in the upper left hand corner in a locker type thing.  The previous owner left behind all these lockers/cabinets and the hideous curtains are stuffed in one of the cabinet/locker things.

  • In other news, I’m pumped that Mad Men is come back 3 weeks! I like the alterations people have done with the ads here and here.
  • Since I’ve been on a pancake making spree, I’m going to create a post for the recipes I’ve found and used & my own recipes I’ve been creating.
  • I’m going to start participating with What I Ate Wednesday!  It’s a fantastic community created by Peas & Crayons.


Okay, that’s enough!  Have a great weekend!


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