Procrastination. Simply Put.

A bad habit of mine is looking around to see what needs done around the house to procrastinate something I need to accomplish. Yet, at the same time, I do focus best knowing that everything is in order and clean. I haven’t studied since college and now I’m studying for a licensing exam to work… Read More Procrastination. Simply Put.


Happy (belated) New Year! Let’s talk resolutions? goals? plans?

I’m not fond of resolutions or had really committed to making a resolution.  I like the idea of goals and planning, I’m someone who likes to make plans, but this stuff has always been something I’ve failed at.  I rather think of it as ‘making a commitment and following through.’ So with it being the… Read More Happy (belated) New Year! Let’s talk resolutions? goals? plans?

Odds & Ends

Here’s what I’ve enjoyed on the internet this week! May you’ll enjoy it too? This week Carlos Whittaker really hit me with this blog post: Anxiety/Depression… The Church’s Dirty Little Secret was a relief to read.  I mean, it’s unfortunate that Carlos Whittaker has anxiety.  I understand what that’s like, but I really dislike that it’s… Read More Odds & Ends