Procrastination. Simply Put.

A bad habit of mine is looking around to see what needs done around the house to procrastinate something I need to accomplish. Yet, at the same time, I do focus best knowing that everything is in order and clean.

I haven’t studied since college and now I’m studying for a licensing exam to work with my mom part time and it’s made me wonder what’s happened with my mind/brain!

I haven’t had to memorize anything in such a long time and it’s a little frustrating. It’s not like memorizing a quote, bible verse, or a language… plus, those things come easier to me since it’s something I WANT to remember due to a love/passion for the topic. Working with my mom is another stream of income and it allows me to give a personal touch talking to people about the importance of taking care of yourself, family, and financial affairs. Unfortunately, my dad didn’t do any of that and it’s nearly a year ago that he passed away and I’m still taking care of his stuff. It doesn’t need to be that way and it shouldn’t. Anyways!

Now that I’ve tidied and got my things in order I will study more, write more, and blog more… I need an outlet, right?!

When I wasn’t procrastinating with cleaning I’ve been procrastinating by taking walks, hanging with friends, taking pictures of dogs, and baking babka:




He’s a smiley pup.
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them outdoor viewing.
Amazing spider web seen on a late night dog walk.
A newly discovered trail behind my town. 
We simply go walking to view the sunsets.
This is Phyllis. She’s got a strut like no other!
Picked two flats of blueberries!
I needed to use fresh blueberries for Lemon and Blueberry Babkas (one is lemon curd and the other lemon cream cheese).
Small Town America 4th of July parade + Nikki not looking at me.
The happiest and most spoiled dogs in town!

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