Weekend/Recent Life Wrap Up


It has been a busy September! My day job is in the education world, so the start of school and all those activities and things that come along with it are finally through.


While it has kept me busy, I’ve been jotting down ideas/topics for the blog and have been gathering a few things here and there for review. I may be a bit late to the party on some things, but I believe that’ll be quite alright.


I met one of my best friends due to a Ryan Adams community on LiveJournal back in 2001 or 2? Anyways, I can’t help but LOVE his 1989 cover album. I also love how he has changed some of the lyrics to apply to a male singer.

I have been seriously training and clean eating. There have been lots-o-gains!

Season 3 of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is on Netflix. Which is great, BUT I’m trying to finish watching last season of The Walking Dead. I DVR’d last season and didn’t get around to watch it until a few weeks ago. Binge watching also means that I am crocheting my heart out.

I recently found PaleoLeap and am excited to try out some new recipes! I have been prepping a lot recently (reminder: I need to get another post for that series up). One of the reasons I can’t say I am a full on paleo follower is because I still eat my gluten free oats and legumes.

I’ve been having some very meaningful conversations with people lately. Conversations that just happen very naturally and randomly that lead to being heavy and meaningful. These conversations have been a serious blessing to me.

Lists. I’ve been making lists like crazy for the rest of the year goals, To Do’s, etc. It’s really satisfying to cross things off a list!

Last weekend I went to visit my dad and we went to lunch at The Wooden Match. I highly recommend this place. Service and food was great and the location is pretty ideal for taking a good walk after your meal. Neither of us smokes cigars, but we sat outside and enjoyed the weather.

I believe last Monday I had tweeted something about how I was relieved for it to be Monday because I had such a busy weekend. I can easily say I feel the same right now. Monday means at least 4 days of consistency and normal wake up/bed times. HA, makes me sound twice my age, huh?

How was your weekend? What have you been up to?!


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