Notes From a Lazy Saturday

  • It’s that time of year where the weather plays lots of games – do I need a jacket? what’s the humidity like? should I layer? am I going to need to be prepared for anything and everything today.
  • Because of said weather your face feels funky.  As a sign of exhaustion my face will hurt.  But my face had hurt various times throughout the week at varying levels.  My eyes stung because my face hurt during the night.  To say the least, I haven’t looked too stellar and have used the concealer stick quite a bit!
  • I’ve learned that a woman who owns a farm that surrounds my house likes to shoot the rabbits/bunnies I enjoy watching and hanging out with each evening.  She had asked my brother if he’s seen any around and he said no. RELIEF.
  • Random Fact About Me:  I used to baton twirl.  Not just as a hobby, but competitively.  We had to practice walking and leaping in time without swinging your arms.  Because of this, I don’t swing my arms when walking around.  When I see people    walking around and swinging their arms like they’re ready to fall out of their socket, I steer clear.  They are a hazard.  Especially on rainy days when they’re swinging an umbrella around.  To sum this up:  I got socked in the chest from this lady who lacked to realize she was in a moving crowd in a  busy train station.  UGH.  I treated myself to amazing coffee and felt better.
  • I saw The Walkmen live.  Such a good time.
  • I was saddened to hear about the passing of Adam Yauch “MCA”.  I’ve listened to the Beastie Boys since elementary school.
  • I made a vow that the month of May will provide more productive Saturdays.  Except, it was a little hard yesterday because I woke up with what felt like a Sleep Hangover and a hurting face.
  • I was unsuccessful at making cake pops.  I forgot the sticks to make them pops, so they were just balls.
  • I embarrassed myself by showing someone the bird’s nest in my garage.  As I said, “hey buddy” the bird flew in my face.


How was your Saturday?!



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