Ugh, Tuesdays.

I know people have their thing about Mondays, but Mondays don’t bother me.  Tuesday… Tuesday is the one that gets me.

On Mondays you get so caught up in the whole OH! It’s Monday Mode and then Tuesday happens and it’s like you need a recovery day from Monday.  Tuesday morning is a little rough, you may need an extra cup of coffee, you have more emails than Monday because they just remembered to email you, and you just can’t wait to crawl into bed (okay, that’s just me again).

Yesterday, being Monday, really felt like a Monday that people complain/comment about.  I was in this weird mode that felt like I never fully woke up.  It kind of lingered on today too… I fear that one day I’ll show up on this site because I can really pass out on public transportation.  I’ve only ever missed my stop twice and the stop I got off at was walking distance to my usual stop, so that’s not toooo bad!

Welp, I got that out.  Time for bed.

Is there a specific week day that really tires you out? 


3 thoughts on “Ugh, Tuesdays.

  1. Yeah, I’ve always felt the same about Tuesdays for pretty much the same reason.

    Although, these days, it’s Wednesday that the exhaustion REALLY hits…

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