Current Reads

This is what I’ve been reading lately:

I always look forward to VegNews and Vegetarian Times showing up in my mailbox.  I have magazine organizers that I store past issues in because I tend to go back and look for some recipes or informative articles that I enjoyed reading.  Relevant magazine always provides great articles and new book/music suggestions.

My book reads for this month consist of Lioness Arising by Lisa Bevere, devotionals by none other than Renee Fisher (seriously, read her devotionals!) and not shown is Discovering France (a total bore to those who aren’t fascinating by evolving languages and cultures).

Each chapter I read of Lioness Arising just blows my mind.  I’ve had to take my time reading this book because I have so much to reflect and jot down after reading it.  I haven’t finished the book yet, but I know it’s a book that I’ll reread again and again and walk away with something different each time from it.

Not Another Dating Book has such great devotionals that really allow me to just write and write and write as I reflect.


What magazines do you subscribe to?  What are you currently reading?  What genre(s) do you gravitate to?


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