Saturday Bits

bon samedi! helloooooo sunshines!

I had a difficult morning and normally I like to spend my Saturday morning waking up slowly, enjoying a cup of coffee and checking out social media, blogs, etc. This morning my coffee spilled and went all over my awesome Quirky Pivot Power Strip. I started my cleaning plans earlier than intended and it turns out that the coffee that spilled all over it ruined it! I thought I could let it dry out and maybe it’ll work? It started making little noises and I rather keep my house safe. The optimistic view of all this: I thoroughly cleaned THAT one section of my floor/room and now I can order the pink power strip.

READS: I finished the Harry Potter series. I read the first three in college, as I had friends who would guy opening night to see the movies. I couldn’t go and not read the book, but I wasn’t going to watch the movies unless I read the book. Finally, after switching jobs and leaving my Harry Potter lovin’ coworker, I started reading the series again. I ate this up and cried when Dobby died and really loved the character development with Kreacher. While I have my Christian opinions about the series and what not, it was a great read. I understand a series needs to end, but it would be pretty neat for a few more novels to focus on the kids and Ron, Harry, Hermione, and Ginny teaching their kids about some things. I’ve given my Kindle a break the last 3 days.

LISTENS: OMG HAVE YOU LISTENED TO THE NEW TOBY MAC? I danced around getting ready for work yesterday listening to it. There’s also the new Wilco and Frank Turner. Up until yesterday morning I was listening to Plumb a lot while getting ready. She just kept hitting me right where I needed it with her lyrics. Music is so therapeutic.

EATS: I went to World Cafe (one of my favorite places in the world) on Friday for happy hour to catch up with a former coworker/new pal. I then had dinner at Hip City Veg. The Hip City Ranch is just amazing. So delicious. Such a cheat meal.

BUYS: why is this mentioned? SPENDING EMBARGO. But I do have some things from a haul of some sorts from Target, Bath and Body Works and Sephora. Necessities, ya know? But I am focusing on getting my Christmas gifts together and made. So there will be buys solely for the purpose of Christmas gift making.

On Monday I will start sessions with a trainer. It is something I really needed to do for myself and I’m really serious about getting in better shape. I will write more on that as the time comes, but I will definitely have some posts regarding my workouts and meals. I am so excited to get back into some clothes I didn’t have the heart to get rid of and getting donating my bigger sized clothing to those who need it.

Alright, need to get dinner started and meals planned for the up coming week.

Who else plans/preps their meals? (P.S. there’s more to that series coming up)


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