August Goals!

July flew by! I feel like I was just checking my mid-year goals and thinking about the rest of the year and events that I am attending and Christmas shopping.

Yes, I said Christmas shopping. I don’t want to be near a shopping center come November and I make sure I get everything needed by August. Seriously. I only step out for bags, ribbons, etc. or yarn after November.

Now that you know my thoughts on Christmas shopping… 

So I have some new goals for the month of August and challenges. Are they really challenges or more like tests for self discipline? Tests for self discipline is too long, challenges it is! 

No dairy. No Sugar. Dairy is such a love/hate relationship. I had a nearly dairy free month until going to my family reunion last weekend and then I had two days of dairy and my skin is freaking out! So, I need to not feel sluggish and have clearer skin. Dairy dulls my taste buds, anyone else notice that? I’ll admit that I was irresponsible with sugar for two days at our family reunion, I had to try everything! The crash was bad and I don’t even want to have sugar in moderation.. I don’t want any sugar!

MORE PLANKS! Yes, I’m keeping up with my planks and even told my Aunt Darlene about her grand daughters influencing my personal plank challenge. After telling her she then said, ‘planks are nothing!’ and told me about their other work outs. 

Every morning I get out of bed, roll out my mat, do my planks and this video from Cassey Ho to improve my posture. Most mornings I complete the exercises in that video or some morning yoga moves.

BUDGET. I’m keeping on my budget. I had a Target haul two weeks ago, but I really did buy things I needed. No unnecessary spending! (CONFESSION: this is limited and I bought four. I HAD TO).

ORGANIZATION. My never ending closet project is still in the beginning stages, but it also made me aware of how much more organization I need to perfect with my other things. Yes, I said ‘perfect’. I thought I was organized. I am an organized person. But then I fell down the Pinterest Rabbit Hole and learned just how unorganized I am. Almost everything I bought at Target was for organization and then I stayed up till 2am on a Friday cleaning and organizing my bathroom.

I am going to tackle the shelf in my closet and organize my clothes.

… this organization thing is getting bad!

This month I am also starting to work with a personal trainer. I am really excited about this because I will be challenged and I’ll learn a lot. I need guidance and further education!

I want to spend more time reading and writing this month. I have some stuff to get out and more playing around to do with this blog layout. I’ve really been encouraged by some friends and readers!

Alright, so what are your goals for August? What are some things you are looking forward to?

Do you really think June and July are too early to think about Christmas?!


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